Tim Hiland here!! Well.. Here is My Orange Cell deck.. It is good!! Atleast i think it is.. i havnt lost with it yet!!

Main Personality

Cell, Stage One
Cell, Stage Two
Cell, Perfect

Dragon Balls

Earth Dragon Ball 1


Android 20 Level. 1 (AS)
Android 17 Level. 1 (AS)
Android 18 Level. 1 (CS)


Orange Style Mastery (WG)


x2 Android 19's Distress
x2 Kings Kai's Thoughts
Hero's Lucky Break


x3 Orange Joint Restraint Drill
x2 Orange Focusing Drill
Orange Burnung Aura Drill
Orange Steady Drill
Orange Lifting Drill
x2 Android 20 Absorbing Drill
x2 Krillin's Drill

Defense All

Time Is A Warriors Tool
x3 Mother's Touch
x2 Vegeta's Suprise Defense

Energy Defanse

x3 Orange Wrist Flex Takedown
x3 Orange Palm Block

Physical Defanse

x2 Tien's Block
x3 Orange Energy Deflection
x2 Orange Neck Restraints

Energy Combat


Physical Combat

x3 Orange Gut Wrench
x3 Orange Knockout
x3 Orange Direct Strike
x3 Orange Hip Throw
x2 Orange Light Jab
x3 Orange Flying Drop Kick
x2 Goku's Anger Attack
x2 Goku's Physical Attack
x2 Android 19's body Slam
x3 Android 16's Rage
x3 Tiens Physical Attack
x3 Trunks Strikes
x2 Hidden Power Level
x2 Krillin Takes A Shot
Garlic Jr's Kyokaika Technique
Magton Bull Crusher
Trunks Cuts Down

Basicly all you got to do it get out your drills Mostly just Orange Joint Restrant, and Orange Focusing Drill... The Orange Joipn Restrant is for the +4 stages of damage!! It is great!! and the Orange Focusing Drill so you can keep the Orange Joint Restrant Drill out!! Cause you wanna keep doing all the damage you can do!!