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Subject: Black Vegeta Anti-Anger Deck-Chris
Main Personality: (3)
Vegeta the Powerful
Vegeta, the All Powerful
Vegeta, the Last Prince

TS Black Style Mastery

Allies: (1)
Grand Kai

Physical Combat: (39)
Black Body Destruction x3
Black Defensive Burst x3
Black Defensive Stance x3
Black Face Slap x3
Black Fist Lock x3
Black Light Jab x3
Black Off-Balancing Punch x2
Black Reversal Strike x3
Black Side Thrust x3
Black Upward Dodge x3
Black Wrist Block x3
Gohan’s Kick x2
Goku’s Dashing Punch
Nappa’s Physical Resistance
Trunks Swiftly Moving x2
Vegeta’s Physical Stance

Energy Combat: (16)
Black Axe Heel Kick x2
Black Energy Web x3
Black Fore Fist Punch x3
Black Preparation x3
Frieza’s Force Bubble
Good Advice
Krillin’s Heat-Seeking Blast x2
Nappa’s Energy Aura

Combat: (8)
Black Scout Maneuver x3
Super Saiyan Effect
Time Is A Warrior’s Tool
Trunks’ Energy Sphere x3

Non-Combats: (6)
Awful Abrasions x1
Black Searching Technique x3
Goku’s Heart Disease
Severe Bruises

Drill: (6)
Black Anticipation Drill x1
Black Smoothness Drill x2
Black Takedown Drill x1
Black Water Confusion Drill
Vegeta’s Quickness Drill

Grand Kai

Sensei Deck: (1)

Battlegrounds: (3)
World Tournament x3

Locations: (1)
Protective Shelter x1
Strategy: This deck's about what Vegeta does best: beat down the competition. It focuses on beating down on their hand and destroying the opponent's chances.
I decided to play him as a hero, since I can't see him as a villain.

My favorite card in here's definitely gotta be Huh?, cause I hate DB victories & this card can single-handedly destroy a DB deck.

This deck pretty much destroys a deck from the inside, with cards like Black Scouting Maneuver & Black Searching Technique to pick out cheap-win cards like Dragon Victory & Cosmic Backlash, as well as other power cards like Goku's Farewell and Where There's Life, There's Hope(whoever's lucky enough to have one.)
All of my omni-blocks don't get removed from the game, so I can recycle them back into my deck.
Protective Shelter's there to keep in the game longer.
World Tournament is used to combat Ally decks, which goes great with Grand Kai's power, which is why I use him as an ally.
Vegeta's Lv.3 is what the deck really centers around. Thats why I decided not to add in his other two levels. Also, he's powerful enough at this level, so I don't have to worry.