gohans purity at wizards of the coast puyallup washington 2-26-03  from 6-8:30

persinality cards=3
gohan the champion
gohan the swift
gohan the mighty

physical combat cards =21
2 orange left kick
gohans physical attack
3 saiyan strike
3 red flight
2 black power punch
gokus suprise attack
3 blue flight
3 blue fist strike
3 red driving jab

combat cards=5
3 smoke screen
cutting the tail
drills are for the weak

non-combat cards=9
dende dragon ball 1
dende dragon ball 2
dende dragon ball 4
dende dragon ball 5
eyes of the dragon
3 piccolos determination

energy combats=15
2 blue sliding dodge
2 orange energy deflection
3 orange energy discharge
3 black fatality
2 saiyan energy attack
2 orange strike
gohans stomp

totals cards (including personality)=53

number of people 10

my main idea is to get gohan up really quick...i know this deck kinda sucks :-\ but i just started today and my friend who has been playing for along time helped me out and gave me some cards but any wayz on with the report

gohans purity vs. trunks burning attack

this guy was funny to boot we were cracking jokes the whole match but i won because i got my anger up pretty quick because  all i had were blue flights and after i used all of those i used red flights and i got half way on level 2 and then he started trying to beat me lowering my levels fast so i had to use all my dragon balls so i resorted to energys and dragon ball recycle method my friend that help me build this deck showed me so i would use and energy atk and heal i got all the up to level 3 and i pwned him with saiyan strikes and he decked out

so far gohans purity 1-0-0

round 2
gohans purity vs. cell division
my friend told me cell decks were tuff specially if they were orange....and well it was a orange mastery cell deck lucky he didnt get to use it to his full potential but any wayz he didnt get cell up at all he kept passing so i didnt even bother getting anger up so we just smacked around eachother for awhile  untill i got bored so i just got up 2 level 2 and used energy atks and beat him

so far gohans purity 2-0-0

round 3
gohans purity vs. namekian deck
now this was fun we both got to level 2 right off the bat and we were both stressed because he had faced 2 dragon ball decks and almost lost twice because each of his oppoents had 6 dbs but i drew alot of anger raising cards and got to lv 3 and won (he only had level 2 some one stole his lv 3 but my friend zac gave him one)

so far
gohans purity 3-0-0

round 4
gohans purity vs. dragon ball deck
he had a stupid personality card....it was trunks but all he had was alevel one because he wasnt worried about him just the dbs but he had alot of draw card but he ept atking for stalling purposes and i had alot of stop phsycals well a whole hand so i got those we both pased and i got a blue flight a gohans phyical atk and a red flight so i used blue flight by this time he had 4 dragon balls so he atked me and then i played red flight he couldnt stop it so i won by personality class

so far
gohans purity 4-0-0

gohans purity vs vegetas saiyan pride
oh man this sucked i heard that he got eliminated but guess not he was the one that stole my friends piccolo cards so i had to win for his and my sake plus this was my friend zac that helped me build the deck....i was very dissapointed in him so i drew all rage cards and he drew nothing but def but they were energy so i kept atking him and he was getting angry so i kept passing just to stall and he kept atking me i drew a new hand and i got more anger cards so i got up to level 2 and it was down there from there for him we stalled  restarted used energy atks stop combat and we did that back and forth till he had 11 cards and i had 3 he was in a jam and he couldnt do any thing so he forfieted and he gave bck the cards and said he was sorry

props~for learning how to play this freaking awsome game ^_^
for the namekian deck man who is now a good friend of mine root for me in my final battle with zac
for the kick butt prizes i got which was  all the starter decks and 8 packs from each saga
oh yeah and winning my very first tourney in a game i have never played and entered a tourney for a  game i just started playing today ^_^

slops~ one word ZAC

well thanx for listening this is stuart hayden signing off  oh if you wanna e-mail me do so at mightymoonstompr@aol.com or longlostpunk666@netscape.net

oh IQ  or any one else from the dbz tcg at pojo has any advice or any thing else on my deck please e-mail me the fixes and what set each card comes from or you know just any one that reads this e-mail me with a deck fix that would be most helpful well peace for now ;-) once again this is stuart signing off

~stuart "the relentless" hayden~