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Subject: goku
Main personality:
Lv1 goku (high-tech)world games
Lv2 goku, the competitor
Lv3 goku, the perfect warrior
Lv4 goku(cell saga)
Lv5 goku, the legendary
Freestyle mastery
south kai sensei
sensei deck:
x1 hero's drill
x3 brekthrough drill
lv1 chi-chi
physical combat:
x1 vegeta's physical stance
x1 nappa's physical resistance
x4 goku's training
x4 goku anger attack
x4 goku body throw
x4 goku's physical attack
x4 goku's conquering stance
x4 goku's right knee smash
energy combat:
x1 nappa's energy aura
x1 frieza's force bubble
x1 goku's energy absorption
x3 straining focusing move
x3 goku energy blast
x4 goku's energy defense
x4 goku's super saiyan blast
x3 krillin's heat seeking blast
x4 goku's sudden outburst
combat cards:
x1 super saiyan effect
x1 time is a warrior's tool
x2 bracing for impact
x3 frieza smiles
x1 expectant trunks
x1 mommy's coming dear
x1 don't you just hate that
x1 quick recovery drill
x1 vegeta's quickness drill
x1 Champion Drill
x3 caught off guard drill
x2 yamcha's good wishes
x3 goku's quickness
x4 goku honor duel
x2 winter countryside
The strategy to my deck is to slow the person down and deplete there life deck with my mastery.