Me Pica Mi Goku,Steven Gonzalez,Coral Gables,FL,20 people were at the tourney


Goku,the Hero

Goku,the Saiyan

Goku,Earth's Hero


Saiyan Style TS(signed by Chris Sabat,makes no difference but cooler)


South Kai


Breakthrough Drill

Saiyan Uppercut

Hero's Drill


Grand Kai



1 A20's Absorbing Drill

1 Saiyan Inspection




Physical Combat:

1 Saiyan Wrist Block

3 Saiyan Blocking Technique

3 Gohans Kick

1 Hidden Power Level

1 Saiyan Cross Punch



2 Saiyan Pride

1 Saiyan Face Smash

1 Saiyan Heads Up

3 Saiyan Fist Attack

3 Saiyan Triple Kick

1 Hercules Drop Kick

3 Saiyan flying Kick

4 Goku's Physical Attack

3 Trunks Swiftly Moving

3 Saiyan Flying Tackle

3 Saiyan Lightning Dodge

3 Saiyan destiny

2 Straining Focused Move

1 Straining Reversal Move

3 Saiyan Light Jab

3 Saiyan Power Rush

3 Saiyan Power Kick

1 Tien And Yamcha Strike

Energy Combat

3 Saiyan Focus

2 Saiyan Energy Aura

1 Yamchas Skillful Defense

2 Saiyan Triple Blast

2 Saiyan Energy Surprise

3 Krillens Solar Flare





Heres the report

Well I started out my day really late.Woke up at 11:00 and tourny started at 1:00.I still had to eat my breakfast.You cant start without it.Well its finally 1:00 and im almost there.At around 2:20 we get there.I was like NOOOOO.Well thankfully the tourny runner Mike wasnt there yet.So I had to wait up.Well about 20 min. before the tourny I meet with some of my friends from basketball while I was pounding this one dude.He was usin a Namekian deck w/ Piccolo(lol he wasnt usin PTT,loser)Well 1 min. later he was yellin how I cheated cuz I had like 10 cards left and he had like 60.Well them bein at 0 goes a long way.Especcially with Saiyan Destiny and gokus Physical Attack.Finally after the game the tourny begins and we find out our opponents.This was Tuff Enuff tourny and double I knew I would be here for a while.Well not this long.

Round 1-Goku Saiyan vs A16 ally freestyle

Man this dude was good.The only problem he had was that he couldnt use his power cuz of Inspection.Anything was he had about 3 blocks and they were in the discard pile all the way at the bottom.Well in one combat we both had bout 50 life left and he used Shattering Leap.I was like NOOOOO.And then I see TIAWT.Alleulia!I play it and he doesnt sphere.Well after the next Combats its all over.I win.

1-0 The guy had to leave after this match since he lives in like Pensacola and this was in up.

Round 2-Goku Saiyan vs Vegeta Saiyan

Man this was horrible.A complete disgrace.He got pounded from turn 1.Just to let you know.Energy vs Physical.Energy <<<<<<<<Pyhsical.So he couldnt attack I could.Plus he could only prevent 4 stages each turn well my attacks did like 14.After turn 3.Fin.

2-0 OMG I cant believe I made it this far.He lost his first match also.Also a lot of the yungens quit after the first round because they had to go with their mommys :)lol.My mommy was in Publix.Standing so far:

Black A18-2-0

Freestyle Krillen 2-0

Saiyan Goku-2-0

Saiyan Vegeta-1-1

Orange Krillin-2-0

Nam. PTT-2-0


Saiyan Cell-1-1

Round 3-Goku Saiyan vs Orange Krillen

OMG if you ever had a close battle this one was closer.It was back and forth he pounded with allies.I pounded with Goku.The main reason that I couldnt kill him 1st turn was because Saiyan vs ally equals paper vs ocean.Get it.Well in the end he had 4 left and I had 6.He declares I draw 5.The controversy was Krillens power.Does he have to draw the card.If so I win.If not youll see.He has like 6 cards in his hand and i do too.I use Hercules Drop Kick.He stops.At this moment its 1-2 in life.He uses an energy and all ive got is A20s Absorbing Drill.I pay 2 to stop the overkill.Game Over.

2-1This was the game to decide everything.Im not out but I gotta win the next one to stay alive.Well I knew it was all over now.The people undefeated were A18,PTT,Krillen and Krillen.

Round 4-Saiyan Goku vs PTT Namekian

It was over.No point in playing this deck.I still did and got pounded he ended up with 0 in his discard and me everything.There went my tourny hopes.Krillen Orange won next.In the end it was Krillen vs PTT.I also received Piccys Fist Block and Majin Stregth Maneuver.Well 5th place aint that bad.O yeah the winner was Krillen Orange.Just too much attacks to regenerate but they both had like 5 life.KHSB is very evil.This was a great experience and I now have confidence to face anyone..I made a lot of friends here also.Well Peac Ou until next time.