Subject: Rant about rants about Prepared Dodge
Hey,it's me again,i would just like to say to all of you people who say Prepared Dodge(CG) is bad.Geuss what.It's not!I dont understand how  anyone could call an omni block bad.Its better than Smokescreen(CS),and it depends on what kinda deck your going for for me to say if its better than Piccolo's Flight(SS)...I mean,if your going for anti anger,or anger at all,Prepared Dodge is definitly the better of the two,because in anger decks your going to want more cards that attack and raise your anger then a non-combat that doesnt,but I think Piccolo's Flight does better in a Namekian deck,for two reasons,because 99% of Namekian decks use Piccolo,making it able for you to use his Flight 4 times,before Namekian decks get their regeneration on.Personally,Mothers Touch is better in my opinion than Piccolo's Flight,even if you only get 3,because you you can play it when you need it,not just on your turn,before you attack.Just thought I'd throw out this little mini-review here for you guys,but hey,its just one guys opinion.