Hi my name is Thomas Mershon  I live in Ceder Park TX  my e mail adress is tigerpk6@aol.com  the date of the tornament took place 1/17/03 about 18 people were there I won eighth place.
                      My deck includes
                        Goku stage 1
                        Android19 stage 1
                        Krillin stage 1
                        Trunks stage 1
                         Saibaimen stage 1
                         Tien stage 1 and 2
                            Physical combat:
                          Black physical focus
                          Black elbow strike
                           Black side thrust
                          Orange standing fist punch
                           Orange shoulder throw
                           Orange leg sweep(2)
                            Orange two knuckle punch   
                    Orange agressive technique                    
                            Yamcha's physical defense
                            Yamcha's right cross
                            Red reverse punch
                            Red flying attack
                            Tiens physical attack
                             Red knife hand
                             Red power lift
                            Red round kick
                           Blue inner leg throw
                            Blue shoulder wheel
                            Blue big outside drop
                            Blue round throw
                            Hidden power level
                            Straining arm drag move
                             Raditz total defense(2)
                            Gotenks headbutt
                            Captin Ginyu moves to attack
                             Goku's head pull
                            Android 17's neck hold
                            Cell jr's flight
                              Goku's surprise attack
                            Goku's right knee smash
                       Energy combat:
                    Orange palm blast(2)
                    Red kiezan disk
                    Red energy disk
                    Red energy charge
                    Yagirobe's energy attack
                    Straining fake left move(2)
                    Earth dragon ball combat
                    Blue big whirl throw
                    Saiyen Energy throw 2
                    Jeice Flash attack
                    Vegeta's jolting slash
                    Saiyen planet explosion
                    Saiyen mental energy attack
                    Spice prepares an energy attack
                    Cells dark attack
                    Saiyen energy blast 2
                              The tail grows back
                              Red blazing aura
                    Vegeta's surprise defense
                                  Black defender drill
                                  Tien mind reading trick
                        Red pessure point drill
                                 King kai training
                    Blue neck restraint drill
                    Power up more!
                    Broken scouter
                    Trunks planning drill
                    Saiyan Training
                    Battle grounds:
                    Blasted land  
                           My name is Thomas Mershon and my Email adress is tigerpk6@aol.com