Zach Taylor

Gohan's Pride: The Way of the Warrior

Strategy: Survival; Empty Opponent's Life Deck

Main Personality:
Gohan, the Great Saiyaman (lvl. 1)
Gohan, the Protector (lvl. 2)
Gohan, the Righteous (lvl. 3)
*Gohan, the Energized (lvl. 4)
**Gohan, the Winner (lvl. 5) [CS]

Krillin, the Friend (lvl. 1) [CS]
Yamcha (lvl. 1) [SS]

Dragon Balls:
Earth Dragon Ball 2 (holo) [SS]
Earth Dragon Ball 3 [WG]
Earth Dragon Ball 4 [SS]

Non-Combat cards:
Goku Helping Drill
Speaking with the King Drill
Time to Party!
Saiyan Heritage Drill
Saiyan Abduction
The Truck
**Goku Honor Duel

Sensei (deck):
South Kai Sensei
Orange Power Stance
Blue Thunder Flash
Namekian Battle Stance
Namekian Offense
Blue Lightning Block

Physical Combat cards:
Blue Hip Spring Throw (holo)
2x Red Crush
Red Light Jab
Red Energy Defensive Stance
3x Saiyan Left Hook
Hercule's Drop Kick
Gohan's Physical Attack
Red Anger Rising
2x Blue Back Kick
Saiyan Blocking Technique
Saiyan Light Jab
Orange Light Jab
Orange Palm Block
2x Blue Defensive Stance
Orange Direct Strike
Black Elbow Counter
Saiyan Right Cross
Saiyan Denfensive Sphere
2x Red Creative Block (one holo)
Blue Pivot Kick
Blue Forearm Block
Blue Flying Kick
Namekian Halting Stance
Namekian Surprise Attack
Black Light Jab
Saiyan Fist Attack
Red Flying Kick
Namekian Combo
Saiyan Strike
2x Straining Cry Baby Move

Energy Combat cards:
2x Black Axe Heel Kick (one holo)
Orange Focused Attack
Orange Energy Smash
Saiyan Triple Blast
Saiyan Energy Attack
Blue Energy Transformation
2x Kid Trunks' Palm Blast
Red Goku's Energy Blast
Saiyan Energy Orb
2x Saiyan Palm Blast
Red Kid Trunks' Blast
Saiyan Defensive Stance
Saiyan Jump Shot
Goten's Focused Attack

Combat cards:
Cell's Draining
Red Double Strike

Arqua's Arena