Namekian Style Mastery

Cell Saga - 5 Star (RARE)


Piccolo headshot (6 of 32)



The new Namekian Style mastery has a lot of potential, making your Namekian decks a little stronger than before!


This mastery allows you to shuffle your top discard into your life deck and draw a card when entering any combat.  Since this new mastery doesn’t have the power up bonus of the older version, make sure you use a lot of power up cards like Namekian Elbow Smash or Namekian Focusing Effort to supplement not only power, but cleaning out your discard pile.  A benefit over the older mastery is if your discard pile isn’t too hot, you don’t have to draw back old noncombat cards or cards you trashed because you didn’t need them.  This can be best used with cards like Namekian Regeneration and Namekian Side Kick, allowing you to control what goes back into your deck.


If any personality comes to mind when I think of Namekian Style, its Piccolo.  His new Cell Saga power is a physical attack that allows you to shuffle any card you want from your discard pile back into your deck.  Piccolo’s added draw power with Piccolo’s Determination can help you get more of those juicy Namekian attacks back from the dead.  If you have the uncanny ability to reach higher levels with your Namekian deck, try using Nail from Frieza Saga.  This guy was made for recycling back before Masteries were a twinkle in IQ’s eye.  Experiment with personalities and see who fits you best -- there is no definite answer.


Make sure you play lots of Combat, Energy, and Physical combat cards, because it's much more useful to draw them back with the Mastery than it would be to get some Non-Combats back. 


Good luck with it, I’d be very interested in hearing about any ideas anyone has with this mastery.