Red anger rising deck  by Jordan

cell, stage one
cell, stage two
cell, the perfect warrior
cell, the destroyer
cell, the master

west kai

red style (trunks saga)

Physical combats
red front kick x1
gohans ready x1
red knee bash x3
gohans phsyical attack x3
red knife hand x2
red overhand slash x2
red overbearing attack x2
red eye laser assult x3
red face strike x1
red power strike x3
red power rush x3
red double strike x3
red face upheavel x3

vegeta's physical stance x1
red jump x2
red side step x2
red defensive jump x2
red blocking hand x3
red dodge x3
red shifty manuever x1
red offensive stance x3

Energy combats
trunks makes himself clear x1
red energy surprise x1

nappa's energy aura x1
goku's super saiyan blast x3

red burning stance x3
smokescreen x2
prepared dodge x3
battle pausing x1
android 19 is stoic x1
mothers touch x2
vegeta's surprise defense x3
time is a warroir's tool x1

enraged x1
blazing anger x1
red tactical drill x1
burning rage x2
vegeta's quickness drill x1

Earth Dragonballs
earth dragonball 3
earth dragonball 4
earth dragonball 5
earth dragonball 7

A couple things i would like to say are that with this deck i have won 20 tournaments
and I have beaten two regional champions.  I still think there are quite a few problems with this deck but i need your advice on what i should take out or put in. the strategy for this deck is to quickly raise the anger for a fast Most Powerful personality win.
thanks, jordan