The Black Style Mastery from Cell Saga is just yelling, "screw up your opponent's hand!" and that is exactly what it does.

When Cell Saga was released, many people had one thing on their mind. What do the new masteries do? People had mixed feelings about the new masteries, the Black Style in particular. Before you hurl this card into your box of commons, you should read this article, and take a look at the Manipulative Style.

The new Black Mastery works well with a wide variety of other cards. Android 18’s Staredown, Confrontation, Cell Smiles and Vegeta’s Lunge to name a few. All those eliminate a card from your opponent’s hand. Getting a good look your opponent’s hand is also a nice addition to use with the new Black Mastery. Baba Witch Viewing Drill will be welcomed to Black Manipulation decks once Android 16 and Android 18 become playable as heroes. Until then, if you want to get a good look at your opponent’s hand, Heroes Discovery is the card to use. It even has extra benefits if your opponent is an Android ^_^

At first look, three personalities work exceptionally well with the new Black Style Mastery, Android 16, Android 18 and King Cold. Then again, Android 18 works with just about any style, minus Saiyan and Namekian. I’d use it with Android 16 because every time Android 16 enters combat as the attacker, your opponent draws 1 less card. Normally they would only draw 2 cards. Use the Black Mastery and send them down to one card.

All in all, the new Black Mastery can be lethal if used at the right time. Black is known for its beefy attacks, so couple Black Mastery with a strong personality and you could have a winning deck in your hands!