Cell Saga - Rare 5 Star - 131
Red Style Mastery
Power: When entering combat, you may remove the top card from your discard pile from the game to have all your physical attacks do +1 stage of damage for the remainder of Combat.If that card is a Red Style card all of your physicals do +3.

Well, Personally when I first heard of the new red mastery, I wondered what the point was.Red was anger and would always in my eyes be anger, nothing less.The I tried the new mastery, and it was actually really cool.I like the aspect of the Red Removal decks to counter the Namekian Recycling decks. They cant recycle what isnít there.

Which MP works well with this new Red Style Mastery?

Itís really obvious as to who works well with the new Red, and itís not who most people think! Iíve found that Android 17 works a lot better in Red Physical with anger (of course) to level up to 2 and get that large physical going, and if you wanna shoot for staying at the level 1, go for Cell lv1 HT, that +3 physical that can be used 2 times a combat can be deadly.Also, of course Gohan Red and Goku Red are still very popular.Red is so far the most versatile mastery still, what I havent seen yet that would be interesting is a Android 16 red deck to get to that godly Lv3, or even a Piccolo red deck.

Some Tips on building a deck with this new mastery.

The point of using a mastery is to use the Red Cards, I would strongly suggest mostly the +3 physicals and up from all sagas to get the best effect of the mastery, as well as strong colorless physicals like Tien Stands Ready, a +5 physical which can be devastating if it hit.