From: Shinyu X []

Subject: Deck Building with the Hero of the Future
Hey I'm ShinyuX with some deck creating advice for those
using Tokui Waza with Trunks as their main personality.
There are some advantages with personailty powers that
give these decks advantages.
This card doesn't have many uses unless you play drill pretty much or a combat card. Orange and Red decks could take advatage of this. Also, it is better power level wise.
A good energy defensive card. Worth use in Blue and Orange decks. Not the best to use, but is good to use in blue.
Great offensive card for all but blue decks. A worth use especially with drills.
Even better. This can increase the power and worth of blue decks. Even with a lower power level, it still can be diffcult to deal with.
Not bad. Blue only!
Oh my... This is a brutal physical attack for Ultra Super Saiyan Trunks. This thing belongs in any deck.
Think of this card as a better version of Trunks, the Swift. No more energy attcks is great!!! No annoying Orange Energy Discharge.
A must for any deck. A big must for black and blue.
An amazing blue and black card that help deal with physical attack damage.
Top Trunks cards for:
Best Defense
3)Trunks, the Hero
2)Trunks, the Mighty
1)Trunks, the Powerful
Best Offense
3)Trunks, the Powerful
2)Trunks, the Quick
1)Trunks, the Swordsman
Best Color: Blue, Black, and Orange
I would give you the Hi-tech cards if I hadn't traded it to my friend the nicknames "Great Prince"
just because he used my Vegeta card whopped my butt for % rares each!
So next time is the forgoten villian, Frieza, the evil monster of the universe, or maybe the whiny prince... V e g e t a !
If you want to ask me Q's so I can give you A"s (Questions and Answers), then email me at
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