Subject: Strategy
This is a realy realy cool strategy that i use. Android 18 in a black deck will rock anyones world exspecially if u have nice cards. First u have to have out at lest 2 drills that do +2 power stages(black double attack drill, Black Stricking Drill.....) then you should have at lest 2 android attack drills out and the Black style Mastery from Trunks saga. This is what happened to me..... in my hand were time is a warriors tool, black body destruction, black fist lock, heroes gather, and black physical focus and 18s star down. on the feild i had Android attack drill+2 Black Striking drill black double attack drill, Vegetas quickness drill and black smoothness drill. i first used 18s stardownto see his hand and i discarded a block. he attacked i used time and the i used body destruction and he hadnt suffled his hand so then i discarded his other block but it still didnt go through.he had no more blocks so i used fist lock and it did +10 power and 6 life cards. i then used black physical focus i wasted 10 power stages to 0 and it did +16 power and 6 life. i had guldo on the feild and it did 5 power and 3 life i then used heroes gather to raise 18 and then i used the the other black focus that i got and kicked his buttocks. ( the other card was frieza is ready and that would have hurt next combat)