From: William Mc Curry []

Subject: Blue Style Mastery {Cell Saga}
Dear Pojo,
My name is  Robert and i'm only 11 years old i'm already know how to play the game. But with the Cell Saga released Worldwide i going to do a review of Blue Style Mastery.
Card Number #126
Cell Saga- Rare
Power: Once per a Combat, you may discard a card to stop a physcial or energy attack. If that card is a Blue Style card lower your anger 2 levels. 
Tips: Now with the Cell Saga released in Australia and other countrys the Blue Style Decks will have more offense because you only discard one card to stop a physcial or energy attack so it save's you using a lot of defense cards and the card you discard is blue it will lower them 2 anger levels down. That lower anger 2 levels will be good because it can stop anger decks in there track.
I give this card a full of 10/10, because you can now have more offense now instead of putting in a lot of defense cards. The cost of 1 life card is risky but can stop beatdown decks.