Hero Main Personalities


                These guys are the personalities you started the game with, plus a few addons here and there.  Since the saiyan saga you’ve played with Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta (not always a hero, but he was there).  Since then there’s been Trunks, Krillin has changed to a booster personality, and Yamcha and Tien are still chugging along behind.  Here we’ll examine what makes each personality tick, and what kind of deck suits the the best.  These decisions are based off of the latest versions from the Cell Saga.


Goku (The Hero)

Best Deck: Anything with physicals or anger


                Goku is still a powerhouse, but he’s been passed in power level by his son Gohan.  His level 1 power should not be underestimated, as you can great draw advantage, especially in a Saiyan Style deck.  His level 2 also offers more draw power, with a little anger control built in.  Now, his Level 3 HT is extremely beefy, because it can alter your opponent’s hand when entering combat...by making him discard it!  The regular level 3 boasts a strong physical attack doing +3 power stages and 3 life cards, and even still lowering your opponent’s anger 1.  The newest level 4 has a strong physical, and his level 5 boasts some blistering strength and shattering powers.  His power up rating is still poor, but since his power levels are so high, you should be able to find a way around it.


Gohan (The Champion)

Best Deck: Anything that lets you use Level 2 and 3 HT.


                Gohan is AMAZING in the Cell Saga.  First off, he becomes the strongest character in this set.  This is no big deal except on Level 2, when he becomes the only hero to break into the elusive G bracket on the physical attack table, with a power level of 2,200,000.  Not to mention the insane ability....almost mimicking a Fatherly Advice, you can pull a physical or energy combat card (block or attack) when entering combat so you don’t have to waste a combat phase, like Gohan’s level 1 power.  The 2 level 3’s have really strong physicals, but the 3 HT sacrifices 2 stages of damage for the ability to remove a noncombat card from the game before dealing damage.  This is helpful to get rid of a Goku’s Heart Disease, Frieza Is Ready, or Dragonball searcher.  Level 4’s power is very meek compared to the other stages, an energy attack doing 4 stages and 4 life.  But his level 5 does 5 life cards....twice per combat!  This little saiyan should get a ton of playtime in the premiere level tournament structure this year.


Vegeta (The Powerful)

Best Deck: Black Anger


                Vegeta is still vicious in the Cell Saga.  All of his levels have insanely powerful attacks, and his 3 HT totally disrupts your opponent’s hands (in the spirit of Black Style).  His level 1 is a cheap energy attack, but his level 2 and 3 are insanely powerful physical attacks--the level 3 does +1 stage for every single Vegeta card in your discards!!  Mmm...Beefy!  The new level 4 offers a defense shield when your opponent initiates combat, and an extra card whether you initiate or not.  Vegeta’s level 5 has been the hottest card on the market from Cell Saga, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t.  He finally reaches 4,000,000 and gets a phyiscal attack doing +9 (yes, NINE) stages of damage. 


Piccolo (The Warrior)

Best Deck: Namekian Regeneration


                While none of Piccolo’s powers are “if you declared Tokui-Waza...”, you can definetly tell Score wanted to see this guy in Namekian decks.  His level 1 is a very weak physical attack, but regardless of damage, you get to shuffle any card you want back into your life deck, which helps you manipulate your discards for use with the Namekian Mastery.  His level 2 is very restricting, having to be the first attack in combat, but the rewards are great if it works--you’ll get another card from the bottom of your discard pile.  Piccolo’s level 3 takes the level 2 ability and makes it much more powerful.  A physical attack doing +6 (with Piccolo’s 3,000,000 power level this is no weak attack) stages of damage, and drawing the bottom card of your discards if it hits.  The Level 3 HT Helps you regenerate and get card advantage at the same time, while his level 4 lets you get 3 life cards back every single combat.   Just watch out for Stunned!


Trunks (The Swift)

Best Deck: Anything that doesn’t require high power up


                There’s one thing about Trunks that everyone has been certain of ever since they received their Frieza Saga Hi Techs -- Trunks HATES energy attacks.  His classic Level 1 HT is still amazingly great, but this new level 1 is no slouch, especially in sealed deck.  You get a defense shield stopping an energy attack this time around, but the real gift is the level 2.  You get Trunks’ high 1,900,000 power level, along with a power almost as strong as Cell HT 1 -- a physical attack doing +2 stages....TWICE PER COMBAT!  Use that with a new red style mastery deck and you can do +5 twice....22 life cards if your opponent is at zero.  His level 3 hates energy attacks too, but only if you can pull off a physical attack for +5 first.  The level 3 HT stops 2 energy attacks, but since its not a defense shield, you can stop any 2 you wish.  His level 4 is the only card that hates energy attacks more than the HT 1....your opponent cannot even PERFORM energy attacks (yes, that means Krillin’s Heat Seeking blast, too).  Just make sure he doesn’t get there ^_^


                Chichi and Bulma get level 3’s in the Cell Saga, so beware...when you’re not looking those girls could come out of nowhere and kick yer butt.  Just don’t let Chichi get to level 3 vs. your orange drill deck --- she’ll eliminate all of your noncombats every single combat.