Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2002 6:58 PM
Subject: The truth about Yajerobie.
Yajerobie is not all that bad of a personality if used in a Trunks saga Black deck, defensive, or ally deck. I'll exsplain why....Yajerobie level 1 has the weakest power level and weakest power up rating. All his power does is a physical attack. This can be used more times then one might think....1)Cards like T-Rex offence, Fall 7 times get up 8, and certain defense shields can be deemed useless by this little power. 2)If your opponent is at 0 and you use this power. That's two life cards right there! and 3)In a Black deck this will always do 1 power stage and 1 life card in damage. His level 2 is an energy attack costing 3 power stages to use....all I can say is....get to level 3 as fast as you can! Level 3 has him do a physical attack and if successful it also does 6 life cards in damage. If your opponent  is at 0 it does 6 life cards in damage! Add that with the Black mastery and you got 8 life cards if the opponent is at 0! Level 4 is basically a free energy attack. No power stages, 4 life cards. The point of a Yajerobie deck is to have strong allies. If you are lucky enough to get Goku IR or Gohan IR....put that in there. They have high power levels. 18 is still only usable by villans unfourtanately....but if you have alot of starting personalitys like Trunks, Vegeta, etc....this could acttually work! So you might ask...why dont I just make a deck out of one of them then? The simpilest answer I can give is that Allies wont get hit by physichal attacks much if you look at the percentages.....and Yajerobies physichal attack aint half bad! 2 life cards may not sound like much, but mathmatically speaking...THAT'S A GOOD DEAL! Think about it....Goku's sudden outburst for instance does 5 life cards in damage. It cost's 2 power stages and a card (The one your using.) Why'll Yajerobie's physcihal attack onley costs a card and does 2 life cards of damage! Is 3 more life cards worth two power stages? I DONT THINK SO!!! So use Yajerobie in a Black or Red deck from Trunks saga. Black will garenttee some form of damage and Red will get yo an MPP victory unless your up against Cell, Gohan, Goku, or Vegeta. And even then half of those are ultra rares......
                                                              By:The Pilaf Bot.