From: Shinyu X []
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 10:12 AM
Subject: Deck Building with Sayian Destroyer
Shinyu X here with an old deck building tip for
those who unusually still use Frieza. This old
villian is insanely still use, whic creeps me
out. Next you'll see Raditiz appearing.
 If his PUR was higher, than he would have much a use. Find an alternative, but if there is nothing else to use, then use an all Frieza deck.
Brutal power, a master a Red, black, and orange decks. Freiza decks are good as well.
Similar to above. no much of a change.
This personality puzzles me, I can't decide whether he belongs in blue or Freiza decks.
(finally, my scanner works better) I think that score copies the constant power too much.
Best offense
3)Frieza the monster
2)Frieza the conquer
1)Frieza the cyborg
Best Defense
What defense!? The only defense is Frieza the revived.
Showdown  next article is Gohan.... I mean Goku vs Cell!!! Why couldn't it be over, the battle just started at
Shinyu: Shinyu Cannon!!!