From: Angelo Cranmer []
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2002 11:34 PM

I put a whole new lot of changes in this deck. I figured out this
deck really stunk so I changed it. Sorry pojo for sending another deck
Trunks return
Angelo Cranmer
Gilbert, Az
single elimination #8
February 2, 2002
main personality:
trunks the swift
trunks the quick
trunks, time's hero
trunks the powerful
blue (cell saga)
lv1 krillin the friend
lv1 yamcha the friend
lv1 gohan the furious
physical combat:
x3 blue elbow drop
x3 blue straight jab
x3 blue stomach eruption
x2 blue left cross punch
x3 yamcha's right cross
x2 blue head charge
x2 blue right cross
x3 blue round throw
physical defense:
x1 nappa's physicaal resistance
x3 blue backflip (65)
x1 vegeta's physical stance
x3 blue wrist block
x3 trunks swiftly moving
energy combat:
x3 blue energy flight
x3 blue glare attack
energy defense:
x1 nappa's energy aura
x3 blue sidestep
x2 blue sliding dodge
x1 dream fighting
x3 smokescreen
x1 time is a warrior's tool
x3 blue awakening
x1 awful abrasions
x2 blue battle readiness
x1 senzu effect
x2 baba's energy blast
x1 a hero's heart is strong
x2 focusing
x1 blue mental drill
x1 knockout drill
x1 blue assistance drill
x1 blue reversal drill
x1 vegta's quickness drill
x1 hero's battle ground
blue vs. red cell deck
this was a pretty short battle I drew out blue reversal drill, trunks swiftly moving, and baba's energy blast. I passed. Next turn he played red king colds observation . I stopped it using time is a warrior's tool. A few combats later he was still at lv1 and no anger. He had at least 20 cards left in his deck the next combat attacked him with 2 blue elbow drops and a blue glare attack. Then the next combat he drew 3 cards then I used baba's energy blast to finish him off.
wins: 1 losses: 0
blue vs. Tien orange deck
          First I laughed at him for using tien but it turned this kids deck was good. He used tien's energy attack.
I stopped it using my power then that's how he started to beat me down but then I drew out Vegeta's quickness drill then I started coming back at him using my energy attacks . Before the match stated he told me he had all energy attacks . So I knew what to get rid of. He and I had the same amount of cards left in our decks so I drew nappa's energy aura, blue elbow drop, blue left cross punch, and plus using vegta's quickness drill I got blue energy flight. He used his energy attack I stopped it then I used my attacks one by one and defeated him by life deck barely. I only had 10 life cards left in my deck.
wins: 2 losses: 0
blue vs. red gohan deck
this deck just kept on raising anger he got all the way to lv2 and stopped right about there when my attacks got on him. He didn't use any energy attacks so he was practically losing because I drew out Vegeta's quickness drill. I started getting him down with all my physical attacks and I drew out awful abrasions. The last 3 physical attacks I played did at least 30 life cards of damage an then he drew out his last three cards of his deck and lost.  
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