by Joshua Minnon

Main Personality
1 Krillin, Trunks Saga (Lvl 1)
1 Krillin Enraged (Lvl 2)
1 Krillin, the Warrior (Lvl 3)

Orange Style Mastery

Physical Combat
3 Hidden Power Level
3 Goku's Battle Ready
3 Vegeta's Physical Stance
3 Nappa's Physical Resistance

Energy Combat
3 Orange Planet Destruction
3 Orange Kamehemeha Attack
3 Orange Taunting Attack
3 Orange Energy Blast
3 Orange Surprise Blast
3 Orange Special Beam Cannon
3 Frieza's Aura Shot
4 Krillin's Kamehemeha Outburst
1 Good Advice

3 Frieza Smiles
1 Time Is A Warrior's Tool
1 Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt
3 Trunks Energy Sphere
3 Confrontation

2 Orange Energy Dan Drill
2 Orange Off-Balancing Drill
1 Orange Destruction Drill
3 Vegeta's Quickness Drill
3 Breakthrough Drill
3 This Too Shall Pass
1 Hero's Lucky Break
1 Terrible Wounds
1 Roshi's Calming
1 King Kai's Calming

Dragon Balls
1 Earth Dragon Ball 1
1 Earth Dragon Ball 3
1 Earth Dragon Ball 5
1 Earth Dragon Ball 7

It's everyone's favorite bald monk, and he's sporting the new Orange Style Mastery. All of your energy attacks either do +1 life card of dmaage, or cost 1 less power stage to perform, but if the energy attack is Orange, then it does both of the previous effects, instead of one or the other. Krillin also has a Power Up Rating of 4 on his first level (3 + 1 for Tokui-Waza Orange), which makes him a prime candidate for an energy attack deck.

With 26 energy attacks, and a Level 1 power which is an energy attack, this will be a deck to be feared. The energy attack that is the most powerful in this deck is Orange Special Beam Cannon, which, under the right conditions, can hit for a whopping 9 life cards of damage! Combine this with the Orange Energy Dan Drill, which, once per Combat after a successful energy attack, lets you search your opponent's deck for any card and discard it, and you will rip their Life Deck apart in no time.

The only physical attacks in this deck are Hidden Power Level, which powers you up to full so you can perform more energy attacks, and Goku's Battle Ready, which helps fight against Anger decks. The rest of them are energy attacks and they hit for a lot of damage!

Besides attacks, we've got 3 Vegeta's Quickness Drill to help us re-use our energy attacks, and Orange Destruction Drill, which kills our opponent's Non-Combat cards, and Orange Off-Balancing Drill, which protects us against physical attacks.

Finally, we've got 4 Earth Dragon Balls. EDB's 1, 3, and 5 help up power up and draw cards. Earth Dragon Ball 7 can get us out of a tough spot, and help up recycle some of our attacks, or Non-Combat cards we've already used. We don't have to worry about our opponent winning through a Dragon Ball Victory either, because all of our energy attacks can steal Dragon Balls as well. This deck will be a tough competitor in the sets to come, as more and more Orange energy attacks are released.