Red Eyes
by Joshua Minnon

Main Personality
Goku, the Leader (Lvl 1)
Goku, the Defender (Lvl 2)
Goku, the Protector (Lvl 3)
Goku, the Unbeatable (Lvl 4)

Red Style Mastery

Physical Combat
3 Red Reverse Punch
3 Red Knife Hand
3 Red Palm Heel Strike
3 Red Elbow Strike
3 Red Lunge Punch
3 Red Knee Strike
3 Red Front Kick
3 Red Blocking Hand
3 Red Face Upheaval
3 Red Power Rush
3 Red Eye Laser Assault
3 Nappa's Physical Resistance

Energy Combat
3 Red Energy Blast
3 Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack
1 Trunks Makes Himself Clear
3 Nappa's Energy Aura

1 Time Is A Warrior's Tool
1 Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt

3 Vegeta's Quickness Drill
3 Dragon's Glare
3 Enraged!
3 Blazing Anger!
3 Burning Rage!
3 This Too Shall Pass

Dragon Balls
1 Earth Dragon Ball 3
1 Earth Dragon Ball 4
1 Earth Dragon Ball 5
1 Earth Dragon Ball 7

It's the deck you hate to love, or you love to hate... the Anger deck. And, with the Trunks Saga, it got a little stronger. The Red Style Mastery lets you remove the top card of your discard pile from the game in order to gain 1 anger, and if it was a Red Style attack, you gain 2 anger instead. Throw that in with a deck full of Red Style attacks, and you will be gaining anger like nobody's business. Our Main Personality is Goku, and he's got some amazing powers. His Level 1 power doesn't help up at all, but his Level 2 and Level 3 powers are amazing. His Level 2 power gives you 2 anger at the end of any Combat in which Goku suffered 5 or more life cards of damage, and his Level 3 power stops the first unstopped energy attack performed against you, AND your anger cannot be lowered mroe than 1 level from any card.

Over half of this deck are Red Style attacks, so if you do take damage, you will have a card to sacrifice to you Red Style Mastery. You shouldn't be worried about taking damage really, because this deck can ususally win before you are dealt too much damage. That's why we don't have too many blocking cards in here, because this deck is so darn fast.

Besides our 35+ attacks that give us anger, we've got 12 Non-Combat cards that also give us anger, and help put cards back in our deck, to help make sure we don't die. Three of the four Dragon Balls in here give you anger, also. Which makes this an extremely easy deck to pilot, because all you have to do to win is gain anger.

But, beware, there are a lot of cards that can spell doom for us. The obvious one is the Blue Style Mastery. Your only hope against this Mastery is to get a quick start, and get to your Level 2 and 3 as fast as possible. Terrible Wounds, Roshi's Calming, King Kai's Calming, and Goku's Battle Ready also stunt this deck, and can usually buy your opponent just enough time to beat you. Other than that, its smooth sailing for our angry Goku.