The Green Machine
by Joshua Minnon

Main Personality
Piccolo, the Avenger (Lvl 1)
Piccolo Trunks HT (Lvl 2)
Piccolo, the Hero (Lvl 3)

Namekain Style Mastery

Physical Combat
8 Namekian Thrust
8 Namekian Blocking Defense
3 Namekian Braced Attack
3 Tien Stands Ready
3 Namekian Head Strike
3 Goku's Battle Ready

Energy Combat
3 Namekian Glare Attack
3 Chiaotzu's Glaring Power
1 Trunks Makes Himself Clear
1 Good Advice
4 Piccolo's Revenge
3 Nappa's Energy Aura

3 Namekian Attack Drill
3 Namekian Physical Drill
2 Namekian Energy Drill
3 This Too Shall Pass
3 Breakthrough Drill
3 Vegeta's Quickness Drill
2 Nail Takes Extra Effort
1 Terrible Wounds
1 Roshi's Calming
1 King Kai's Calming
1 Hero's Lucky Break
1 Goku's Ready

1 Time Is A Warrior's Tool
1 Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt

Dragon Balls
1 Namekian Dragon Ball 1
1 Namekian Dragon Ball 2
1 Namekian Dragon Ball 3
1 Namekian Dragon Ball 4
1 Namekian Dragon Ball 5
1 Namekian Dragon Ball 6
1 Namekian Dragon Ball 7

Among other things, the Trunks Saga introduces the Namekian fighting style. In this deck, we've got Piccolo as our Main Personality, who is using the Namekian Style Mastery. This Mastery allows you to draw the bottom card of your discard pile when entering any Combat, and if that card is Namekian, you power up to full. This Mastery, combined with the 3 Vegeta's Quickness Drill, means that you could be drawing up to 4 card from your discard pile every Combat that you enter! One of the cool aspects of the new Namekian Style cards is that Piccolo or Nail can have up to 8 copies of some of those cards in their deck.

This deck is chock-full of physical attacks, so we have included 3 copies of each of the Namekian Attack Drill and the Namekian Physical Drill which makes your physical attacks do even more damage. So, if you have a Namekian Attack Drill and a Namekian Physical Attack Drill in play, all of your physical attacks do +3 power stages of damage, and you get a +1 to your Power Up Rating. And, if you use Nail Takes Extra Effort, all of your physical attacks do +1 power stages of damage for every Namek Dragon Ball in play for the remainder of Combat. This deck also has a decent amount of energy attacks, including Piccolo's Level 1 power, which is an energy attack for 6, so we have included 2 copies of the Namekian Energy Drill, which can let you draw cards whenever you perform a successful energy attack.

As usual, we have some cards to help us fight those annoying anger decks. Goku's Battle Ready is a physical attack that does 7 power stages of damage and lowers your opponent's anger to 0, but your opponent can't take life cards of damage from the attack. Terrible Wounds, Roshi's Calming and King Kai's Calming round off our the Anger-hate cards for this deck.

As I mentioned earlier, this deck features Namek Dragon Balls... all 7 of them as a matter of fact. This gives you an alternate victory condition, just in case things get hairy and you need a quick win. Even if your opponent manages to steal your Dragon Balls, Namekian Head Strike helps you steal them back, as well as your energy attacks. Which also means that if your opponent is trying to win by a Dragon Ball victory, you can steal his Dragon Balls, and keep him from winning.