Trunks Saga Top 10
by Joshua Minnon

Now that the Trunks Saga is here, let's take a look it's Top 10 cards.

10. Frieza is Ready -- This card right here will make your opponent think twice about hitting you with a large energy attack... because he will end up taking double the damage. It is limit 1 per deck, and villains only, but we will definitely see it in EVERY deck that features a villain as its Main Personality.

9. Trunks Energy Sphere -- Finally, you can stop those annoying Combat cards, such as Saiyan Truce Card, Nappa's Blinding Stare, Dream Fighting, Ally Wins, Time Is A Warrior's Tool, and Unexpected Allies. This card will definitely be a staple in every deck from here on out.

8. Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt -- It's kind of like Time Is A Warrior's Tool. It makes sure your opponent can only defend for the remainder of Combat. This card, and its counterpart Time, can often decide just who is going to win the game. Just watch out for Trunks Energy Sphere and This Too Shall Pass.

7. Trunks Sword Position 3 -- Not only is it an energy attack, but, if it is successful, you can grab any card in your discard pile and put it on top of your Life Deck. This card allows for so much strategy and variation. And, Trunks can have 4 in his deck!

6. Black Smoothness Drill -- How many times have you had the painful decision of choosing between which card you want to keep at the end of a turn? Well, never fear. You won't have to make that decision any longer. You can keep 2 cards in your hand at the each of every turn, and trust me, that is extremely helpful.

5. Blue Leaving -- This card is almost the same as Saiyan Truce Card. You end Combat and you and your opponent skip the discard phase. The only problem is, you have to use it during your opponents turn for it to be truly effective.

4. Villain's True Power -- Energy attack for 10! Sounds good to me. The only problem is that it has to be your first card played in Combat. Which means that it will get stopped most of the time. But, if they don't, they will surely regret it.

3. Black Style Mastery -- All of your attacks do extra damage! All of your Black Style attacks to even more damage! Combine this Mastery with the Trunks Saga Frieza, and you will be doing a LOT of damage to your opponent if he can't stop your attacks. This will surely be one of the new Surivial-based deck archetypes.

2. Saiyan Style Mastery -- Drawing a card is rarely bad. And, if that card has the ability to hurt your opponent, it just gets better. Unless your opponent has some cards that power him up, or a very high Power Up Rating, this Mastery has the chance of keeping him EXTREMELY low on power stages, severely hurting most energy attack decks, and some physical attack decks.

1. Red Style Mastery -- Like it or hate it, anger decks will probably be around forever. And this Mastery assures that it will be around at least for the Trunks Saga. Gaining 2 anger for the price of removing a Red Style card from the game is an okay trade in my book. Combine that with Red's massive anger gaining, and Non-Combat anger-gainers like Dragon's Glare and Enraged!, and you've got yourself a deck.

Honorable Mention

1. Hero's Lucky Break and Goku's Ready -- Searching for cards is never a bad thing. One gives you any card in your deck at the beginning of your opponent's next turn, and the other one puts any Non-Combat card from your deck into play. They are limit 1 per deck, but they are going to be in EVERY deck. I didn't include them in the Top 10 because they just weren't as exciting as all of the other wonderful Trunks cards.

2. Breakthrough Drill and Blue Battle Drill (promo) -- Tired of those annoying decks that end Combat? Well, these guys make sure your opponent has to take some damage while they try to gain anger, or search for Dragon Balls.