Dragon Ball Z Top 10
by Joshua Minnon
(Pojo Note:  Written Before the Android Saga came out)

10. Good Advice -- Energy attack for 8?! That fact alone makes this an awesome card. Lower your opponent's anger 3?! Wow, this card is going to be put in every deck. Even though it is limit 1 per deck, this is still a very powerful attack.

9. Tien's Physical Attack -- Attacks that do life cards of damage are rarely bad. The fact that this is a physical attack, which means that it costs no power stages to perform, and it's common make this one of the best attacks in the game. It's also colorless, which means that it can be put in any of the new decks that feature the new Mastery cards.

8. Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt -- Rendering your opponent useless for an entire Combat is a wonderful thing. The only problem with this is that it can't be played as a defense, which means that you might get hit with an attack before you can use it. But, that will rarely matter, especially if you have set yourself up to win that turn, or don't have any other defensive cards in your hand.

7. Time Is A Warrior's Tool -- A very close cousin to Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt, Time is better because it can be played as a defense. It is limit 1 per deck, like its cousin, but these two are rarely seen apart from each other. Expect every deck to run both of these guys.

6. Dragon's Glare -- This is the best promo out there, to date. It sets you and your opponent to 3 anger. It's the only card in the game that gives you more than 2 anger. If it had another effect, it would be just plain broken. This is undoubtedly going to be a staple for anger decks. The only time this card might present itself as a problem, is if your opponent is also playing an anger deck as well. But, in that case, don't use it if it's going to help your opponent win.

5. Earth Dragon Ball 5 -- This is THE best Dragon Ball in the game. Earth Dragon Ball 3 lets you draw 3 cards, but has only 1 other effect. This one lets you draw 2 cards, put 2 cards on the bottom of your deck, powers you up to full, and gives you 2 anger. The only time this DB won't be in a deck is if that deck is running Namek Dragon Balls instead.

4. Saiyan Appraisal Maneuver -- This card is in just about every deck. They get those problem cards out of your opponent's deck that might be able to wreck things for you. Unless your opponent can get rid of SAM, it can also be viewed as "unblockable damage". Damage AND disruption... this is two cards in one.

3. Vegeta's Quickness Drill -- Drawing cards from your discard pile can do nothing but help. Combine this with the right personality, and you could be drawing up to 4 cards from your discard pile when entering Combat. The only problem is that Drill cards are fairly easy to get rid of, so keeping a lot of these cards in play will be a difficult task.

2. Saiyan Truce Card -- Not only can this card get you out of a bad situation quick, but it also allows you to keep all of your cards until the end of your next turn. All "colorless" decks should run this card if they aren't already, and the new Saiyan Mastery decks will definitely run this one.

1. This Too Shall Pass -- Surprised? If you are, you shouldn't be. The ability to stop any card from doing anything is AMAZING! You can stop your opponent's blocking card, which basically forces him to take damage. You can stop attacks, potentially damaging Non-Combat cards, and those annoying limit 1 per deck cards that can really hurt. If three of these aren't in every deck you play, put them in there now. If any card deserves to be banned, it's this one.