Black Death
by Joshua Minnon

Frieza, the Master (Lvl 1)
Frieza, the Conqueror (Lvl 2)
Frieza, the Cyborg (Lvl 3)

Black Style Mastery

Physical Combat
3 Black Side Kick
3 Black Flying Kick
3 Black Defensive Burst
3 Black Hug Maneuver
2 Black Overpowering Attack
3 Goku's Battle Ready
3 Hidden Power Level

Energy Combat
3 Black Fore Fist Punch
3 Black Knife Hand Strike
3 Black Front Kick
3 Black Turning Kick
3 Black Energy Web
3 Black Energy Blasts
1 Good Advice

1 Time Is A Warrior's Tool
1 Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt
3 Trunks Energy Sphere
4 Frieza Smiles

2 Black Smoothness Drill
2 Black Energy Stamina Drill
1 Black Zarbon Transformation Drill
3 This Too Shall Pass
3 Vegeta's Quickness Drill
3 Breakthrough Drill
1 Terrible Wounds
1 King Kai's Calming
1 Roshi's Calming
1 Hero's Lucky Break
1 Goku's Ready

Dragon Balls
1 Earth Dragon Ball 3
1 Earth Dragon Ball 5
1 Earth Dragon Ball 6
1 Earth Dragon Ball 7

This deck features one of the more "Survival-based" Mastery cards, the Black Style Mastery. All of your attacks do +1 power stage, and +1 life card of damage, and all of your Black Style attacks do +2 power stages and +2 life cards of damage, instead. This means that Frieza, the Master's Level 1 power does 7 life cards and 1 power stage of damage, and it only costs 2 power stages to use! And, you are guaranteed at least 2 power stages on every one of your turns, which means that your opponent is going to have to be able to stop the attack on every one of your turns, or take a LOT of damage. This Level 1 Frieza is an Ultra-rare, so if you can't get your hands on it, then use the Trunks Saga Level 1 Frieza which has a Constant Combat Power that gives all of your energy attacks an extra +1 power stage and +1 life card of damage. Either way you slice it, this Frieza will be laying the smack down.

Now, let's discuss the attacks. As you may have noticed, this deck doesn't have as many blocking cards as most other decks do. That is because Black is able to stop a lot of attacks within their own Physical and Energy Combat cards. Black Defensive Burst is a physical attack and it stops all of your opponent's physical attacks for the remainder of Combat, if the attack is successful. Black Energy Web is just the opposite, being an energy attack that stops your opponent's energy attacks. Black Knife Hand Strike and Black Turning Kick are both energy attacks, one with the option of stopping a physical attack instead of peforming its energy attack, and the other with the option of stopping an energy attack instead of performing its attack. We also have 4 Frieza Smiles, and Time Is A Warrior's Tool and Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt to finish off our blocking cards. Don't forget though, This Too Shall Pass can also count as a blocking card, if need be.
Speaking of Non-Combat cards, let's take a look at our Drills. Black Smoothness Drill allows you to keep 2 cards in your hand at the end of your turn, instead of one. Black Energy Stamina Drill makes your energy attacks cost only 1 power stage to perform, and Black Zarbon Transformation Drill gives you a +1 Power Up Rating. There are also 3 Vegeta's Quickness Drills in here to help recycle your attacks. And, finally, we have 3 Breakthrough Drill. Those guys are in here to help fight those annoying Anger/Dragon Ball decks that are constantly ending Combat, which have been dubbed "Stasis decks".

Finally, we'll take a look at our Dragon Ball selection. EDB's 3 and 5 are included for their card drawing abilities. EDB 6 is in here for its ability to stop Combat, and if it is in play when you perform Black Hug Maneuver, you gain 3 anger, helping you to get to Level 2 and 3, which adds even more damage to your attacks. EDB 7 can also stop Combat, but even better is its ability to grab ANY 3 cards from your discard pile, and put them on top of your deck, helping you get the most out of your attacks.