all the decks i ever made are black mastery and hero
decks.  i found out that frieza and black mastery are
a good combination but since so many people are using
and depending on that combination why don't you block
it.  piccolo level one from the android saga stops all
personallity powers.  so for all decks that depend on
there main person, well, they get screwed.  a very
good deck i use is this one.

level one piccolo from the android saga
level two piccolo from the trunks saga (hi_tech)
level three piccolo from the trunks saga
level four piccolo from any saga you want since it
doesn't matter (i use trunks saga though)

i won't tell u all the cards in my deck because if
everyone had the same deck then the whole game would
be a waste.

have three krillin's drills which add one energy card
for every energy attack, black smoothness,  all dragon
balls for more cards in the hand, level two nail which
does five life cards of damage and three if it's
stopped and any level tien plus with tiens mind
reading trick which makes all villins show there hand
at all times which will come very handy and good
advice which is an energy attack where if you have
three krillin's drills out and a black mastery will do
12 life cards of damage, and there are other drill's
which will add life cards of damage.

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