This is a very very good deck. This deck has only lost 1 time and that's because i was gonna win but i felt pitty and he used all 7 Dragon Balls Down, but anyways this deck owns all.
Vegeta the Ready
Vegeta the powerful
Vegeta in Training
Vegeta Saiyan Prince
Red Style Mastery
Red Power Drain x3
Red Burning Stance x3
Red Blazing Aura x3
Time Is A Warrior's Tool
Physical Combat-
Red Power Lift x3
Trunks Swiftly Moving x3
Red Knee Bash x3
Trunks Draws Steel x3
Red Implosion Lunge x3
Red Power Rush x2
Red Reverse Punch x2
Red Knee Eruption
Red Palm Heel Strike
Tiens Physical Attack
Krillin Takes a Shot
Red Back Kick
Red Elbow Strike
Garlic Jr's Kyokaika Technique
Red Shattering Leap
Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt
Red Face Upheaval
Red Knee Strike
Energy Combat-
Red Energy Blast
Red Energy Suspension
Goku's Energy Absortion
Yamcha's Skillful Defense x2
Red Energy Shield x3
Tien's Mental Conditionting x2
Fortify Your Spirit x2
Red Evasion Drill
Severe Bruises
Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation
Goku's Heart Disease
Goku's Ready
Fall 7 times, get up 8 times
Yamcha's good Wishes
Red Tactical Drill
Awful Abrasions
Bulma's Looking Good
Dragon Balls-
Namek Dragon Ball 1
Namek Dragon Ball 2
Namek Dragon Ball 3
Namek Dragon Ball 4
Namek Dragon Ball 5
Namek Dragon Ball 6
Namek Dragon Ball 7
Kami's Floating Island
This Deck is cool cuz you can win by all 3 victories with this deck. Your mail priority tho is to win with level 4 victory because you can get to level 4 very easily with this deck, but if you can get those Dragon Ball's out first there ya go. If for some reason you don't get to level 4 or get the Dragon Balls out you can still kick the crap out of the person with you physical attacks. You may notice that there aren't very many energy attacks. The only reason i have them in there is to recapture any Dragon Balls Stolen from you. In a match i played my friend also uses a level 4 deck with Red Style Mastery and i messed him up with Gokus Heart Disease because he didnt have any allies so he couldent get any anger so i owned him, so you may wana add some allies so this doesn't hapen to you.