Hello all!! Names John. This deck is called Trunks's Outburst. It is a Tokui-Waza Black Deck with its Main Personality being Trunk. The basis of this deck is to go all out on your opponent with little regrad for your wellbeing. I know that many players may not have Android Saga Cards yet, so this deck might be hard to make.

Saiyan Saga - (S)
Frieza Saga - (F)
Trunks Saga - (T)
Android Sage - (A)


 x1 Trunks Level: 1 (T)
 x1 Trunks, the Swordsman Level: 2 (T)
 x1 Super Saiyan Trunks Level: 3 (T)

Physical Combat:

 x2 Black Hug Maneuver (T)
 x1 Black Driving Leg Thrust (F)
 x1 Black Side Kick (S)
 x1 Black Draining Aura (A)
 x3 Black Finger Block (T)
 x2 Black Driving Finger Palm Strike (T)
 x1 Black Standing Position (F)
 x2 Black Defensive Burst (T)
 x1 Black Flying Kick (T)
 x4 Trunks Draws Steel (T)
 x2 Trunks High Strike (T)
 x2 Trunks Strikes (T)
 x2 Trunks Sword Position 1 (T)
 x2 Trunks Sword Position 4 (T)
 x3 Straining Outburst Move (T)
 x1 Hidden Power Level (S)
 x1 Tien's Physical Attack (S)
 x1 Garlic Jr's Kyokaika Technique
 x1 Android Effect (A)

Energy Combat:

 x1 Black Fore Fist Punch (S)
 x1 Straining Focusing Move (T)
 x1 Straining Energy Defense Move (S)
 x1 Black Rear Spin Kick (S)
 x1 Spice Prepares an Energy Blast (T)
 x1 Straining Fake Left Move (S)
 x1 Straining Ankle Smash Move (S)
 x1 Frieza's Force Bubble (F) (Promo)
 x2 Frieza's Finger Tip Energy Blast (T)
 x1 Good Advice (F) (Preview)
 x1 Krillin's Kamehameha Outburst (T)
 x2 Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack (T)
 x2 Trunks Sword Position 3 (T)
 x1 Piccolo's Stomp (F)
 x1 Garlic Jr's Energy Blast (T)


 x3 Black Defensive Aura (T)


 x1 Roshi's Thoughts (T)
 x1 Trunks Stands Ready (T)
 x1 Android 20 Powers Up (T) (Preview)
 x1 Eyes of the Dragon (S)
 x1 Fortify Your Spirit (S)
 x1 Power Up! (S)
 x1 Power Up the Most! (S)
 x1 Fall 7 times, get up 8 times (S)
 x1 Black Bear Hug Drill (S)
 x1 Black Erasing Drill (F)
 x1 Black Smoothness Drill (T)
 x2 Trunks Planning Drill (T)

Dragon Balls:

 x1 Namek Dragon Ball 1
 x1 Namek Dragon Ball 2
 x1 Namek Dragon Ball 3

Total Number of Cards: 74

  Here is the reason behind the madness. Trunks's Outburst is based around the idea that you must take out your opponent with little concern about yourself, hence the straining moves. I think Straining Outburst Move is one of the best staining moves out there because it doesn't cost too much to use. Only 2 power stages for 5 power stages of damage. Thats much less damage done to yourself and more to your opponent than other straining moves. The lack of blocking cards and the inclusion of cards like Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack also follow this idea. To counteract this, I added cards like Roshi's Thoughts, Poer Up!, Power Up the Most!, Trunks Sword Position 3, and Namek Dragon Ball 1 and 3, which allow you to draw cards from your discard pile and/or place cards from the discard pile to your Life Deck, and power your personaltity up. Also, I added cards like Black Defensive Aura, Black Finger Block, Black Driving Palm Strike, Black Hug Maneuver, Trunks Planning Drill, and Trunks Draws Steal, which combines blocking, powering up, attacking, and/or raising anger. The deck focuses on Physical Combat because of Trunks's Level 1 Power, a Physical attack that needs 2 blockings to stop it,  and Trunks's Level 2 Constant Battle Power, which allows all physical attacks to do +2 damage. This works great with Black Bear Hug Drill, which adds +2 to all physical attacks. 

  Well, there's Trunks's Outburst, in all its glory. Hope you enjoy it. I know I do.
See Ya!!!!!
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