John Trevaskis                                                 8/15
Gohan's Anger                                       18 participants
Mastic, NY

I went to a store in Mastic(Golden Memories Comics & Cards) for my first tournament. We played a 4 round, Round-Robin style game. Here's the deck I used:

Gohan, the Furious
Gohan, the Fighter
Gohan, the Warrior
Gohan Empowered
Red Style Mastery
Red Reverse Punch
Red Knife Hand
Red Palm Heel Strike
Earth Dragon Ball 1
3x Burning Rage!
Gohan's Physical Attack
Vegeta's Physical Stance
2x Fall 7 times, Get Up 8 times
2x Fortify your Spirit
Goku's Touch
Gohan's Anger
Krillin's Trick
Vegeta's Smirk
Earth Dragon Ball 3,4,5
lvl 1 Chi-Chi
Mother's Touch
Vegeta's Surprise Defense
Nappa's Energy Aura
Nappa's Physical Resistance
Red Knee Pick Drill
Red Coordination Drill
Eyes of the Dragon
Goku's Lucky Break
Piccolo's Flight
Vegeta's Plans
2x Gohan's Temper
Powerful Followers
A Hospital Stay
Time is a Warrior's Tool
Goku's Energy Absorption
Yamcha's Skillful Defense
Hero Enraged!
Goku's Super Saiyan Blast!
Mommy's Coming Dear
Bulma's Scouter
2x Focusing is Everything
Red Foot Jolt
Trunks Makes Himself Clear
3x Red Energy Shield
Spice Prepares an Energy Blast
Garlic Jr.'s Black Water Mist
2x Captain Ginyu Moves to Attack!
3x Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack
2x Red Face Upheaval
2x Red Power Rush
Red Lightning Slash
2x Red Energy Blast
Don't You Just Hate That
Vegeta Scans the City
2x Red Burning Stance
Red Power Lift
Kami's Floating Island

Obviously, the point of the deck is fast anger.
     In the first round, I played my friend's Black style Frieza deck. The battle went as planned, and I won with a quick jump to level 4. Nothing really exciting happened.
      In the second round, I played a Piccolo Orange Style deck. Everything was going fine. I was at level 3 with 1 anger, and all my Dragon Balls in play, when he hit me with Awful Abrasions. With all my Dragon Balls in play, and the 2 Focusing is Everything and Don't You Just Hate That near the bottom of my deck, I soon had the rest of my deck drained.
     In the third round, I fought a Blue style Spice deck. Needless to say, I couldn't raise enough anger to gain any levels, my Dragon Balls were removed with Kami Fades, and he was able to block most of my attacks. He soon whittled me down to nothing.
     In the final round, I fought a Red style Vegeta deck. Near the end, I thought I was going to lose. It was the beginning of his turn, andwe were both at level 3 with 3 anger. He drew his cards, and got all Non-Combat cards that didn't help with his anger. He passed, so I drew my cards, declared combat, and removed Red Face Upheaval from the top of my dicard pile to win the game via a Most Powerful Personality Victory.
    So, in the end, I had an even 2-2 record, with one loss comong down to pure luck, while the other was specifically tuned to take down an anger deck. This was my first tourney, so I'm glad I did as well as I did.

                                             John Trevaskis

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