This is my list of the Top Ten non-personality cards in the Android Saga.

1. Goku's Heart Disease: This card lowers your opponent's anger to 0, and
they can't raise it until they play an Ally. Wow! One of the reasons this
card is so good is because there are not too many people who play with Allies
in their decks. Lots of people use Drills(Severe Bruises) and Dragon
Balls(Awful Abrasions.) While those cards are still good, this one is the
best of the trio.

2. Cell's Threatening Position: WIth the high number of new Villian cards in
the Androids Saga, and the likelihood of many more in Cell saga, villian
decks will start to pop up everywhere, and this should be in every one of
them. The ability to knock your opponent from Level 3 to Level 1 is amazing,
but watch out for TES. This may have gotten #1 if it wasnt Villians Only.

3. Red Tactical Drill: This is a totally awesome card. The ability to keep
your anger from being lowered is good in any deck, especially Red decks, who
need something like this after the onslaught of anger lowering cards released
in the Android Saga. This should be a staple in Red Decks, and is a good card
for regular decks too.

4. Kami's Floating Island: This is an often overlooked card, but shouldnt be,
especially in Saiyan and Namekian decks. In those decks, you can start each
Combat with at least 5 cards in your hand. Red decks like it too, as it lets
them draw resources much more quickly, and subsequently, win faster.

5. Saiyan Inspection: Don't have a Piccolo deck but still want to stop those
annoying decks that kill you with their power? Saiyan Inspection solves your
problems. It disables your opponent's power and does not allow them to use it
until they play a Dragon Ball. Use with Kami Fades and Guru Fades for maximum

6. Trunks Guardian Drill: Yet another great card from the Android Saga, and
one of the few ultra rares truly worthy of that status. There have probably
been times during a game when you had a good non combat you really wanted to
use in your hand, but it was your opponent's turn. Well, fear no more! With
Trunks Guardian Drill, such worries will be a thing of the past. You can play
that Burning Rage to go to your next level. You can use that desperately
needed recyling card late in the game. This card has many uses, and, if you
are lucky enough to get it, should go in any Hero deck you have.

7. Black Scout Manuever: There is no denying this card's power. It lets you
remove all copies of any Combat, Physical Combat, or Energy Combat card in
all foe's Life Decks. You can get rid of those pesky Goku's Battle Readies,
or eliminate Cell's Threatening Position. And what about those annoying
Krillin's Heat Seeking Blasts? Just get rid of them. This card has unlimited
uses, and, unless you have a Red, Orange, Blue, Saiyan, or Namekian Tokui
Waza, should definetely be in your deck.

8. Tien's Mental Conditioning: Need that extra edge in the middle to late
game? Tien's Mental Conditioning can give it to you. It powers you up to
full, raises your anger one, and gives you an extra card. Plus it's used when
entering Combat so you don't have to sacrifice your attack phase to use it.

9. Android 20's Search Pattern: This card lets you search your opponent's
Life Deck for any non dragon ball card and remove it from the game! Wow!
TAWT, Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt, anything you want. As if that weren't enough,
you also choose any card from your discard pile and place it not on the
bottom of your deck, but the TOP! There should be at least one copy of this
card in every deck.

10. Namekian Teamwork: Another overlooked card. In a specialty deck, this is
a great card. Load your deck with Allies that have great powers(like HT promo
Vinegar, Vegeta the Powerful, etc.) then play this card. All your allies go
to full power, and they may all use their powers this combat no matter what!
Sure, you lose a Life Card for every ally, but the benefits greatly offset
the downside.

Top Personalities:

#1 villian personality: Android 18. She has an awesome power level, and the
best power of any of the Androids. Allies are used in desperate situations,
and her Defense Shield is perfect for such situations. It stops any kind of
attack once per combat, which can help you through the combat after your main
personality is crippled.

#1 Hero Personality: Yajirobe!(Just kidding!) Piccol the Trained. The ability
to stop your opponent from using their powers at all. A well built Piccolo
deck can stay at Level 1 the whole game and drive the opponent nuts. If this
is your strategy though, watch out for Saiyan Inspection and Straining Jump
Kick Move.

Well, there it is. My Top Ten Cards, and top two personalities