Here is a list of cards that should be in every deck.

1.Time is a Warrior's Tool
Best blocking card. Stops all attacks for the remainder of combat!
Though, Limit 1 per deck.

2.Garlic Jr.'s Kyokaika Technique
Physical attack doing 7power stages of Damage! Though Limit 1 per deck if
Garlic Jr. is not your m.p. .

3.Goku's Ready
Basically, draw any card, put it face down and put it into your hand at the
start of your opponet's turn.

4.Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt
Kind of like Time is a warriors Tool. Your opponent may only defend for the
of cambat!

5.Trunks Energy Sphere
Must have! Stops any combat card! I don't have one yet but I'll trade with

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