Hello, Currently I play with a (Rage Against Goku deck) Goku red anger deck
(the easiest and cheapest way to win) and I recently discovered some cards
that are almost never used in red decks but work wonders.
1)Saiyan Saga Level 1 high-tech Goku:
Normally everyone uses the lvl1 card from Trunks because of its sickening but
I use the lvl1 from Saiyan, why? Well, since it's power level is so low I
always get to go first therefore giving me a chance to level up sooner.
2) Kami's Floating Island:
Plain simple you and your opponent get to draw a card at the beginning of
every combat. That can be another card that raises your anger two, then again
your opponent can draw a card that lowers your anger to 0, most of the time
it pays off, besides you need something to counter other players Locations,
especially Winter Countryside :o(
3)Expectant Trunks:
You can get any one card from your discard pile that's either a Physical
Combat, Combat, or Energy Combat, heheh it's good feeling to get Red King
Cold observation 3 times in the game and for every player to lose their
drills and allies, sure you might have a whole one drill (it's a red deck
after all) but your opponent might have like 4 or 5 plus allies. Which brings
me to the next card...
4) Red King Cold Observation:
You should know what this does but here is what the card says:
Red King Cold Observation:
Your Main Personality pays 5 power stages to discard all allies and
Non-Combat/non-Dragon Ball Cards from play. Lower your main personality's
power stage to 0. Raise your anger 1. Limit one per deck
5) Red Coordination Drill & Red Knee Pick Drill:
One lets you draw an extra card as the attacker, one let's you draw an extra
card as a defender, good stuff. It has been set in stone that card advantage
is the key to CCG's.

Well I hope that you enjoyed this, if you agree/disagree or want to email me
drop a line at BraveEyes420@aol.com