Trunks Personality tips
 Lv 1 Trunks
Power: Physical attack that may only be preformed at the beginning of your combat step.
TIPS: Great card for physical attack decks because of his power and his power level. I'd only use him in an energy deck if he was an ally and the main pesonality didn't have a high power level.
Highest Power Level:800,000
Lv 2 Trunks
Constant Combat Power: All of your physical attacks do +2 stages of damage.
TIPS: This level gives your more options on when and what you want to attack with. Not very good in an energy deck.
Highest Power Level:1,150,000
Lv 3 Trunks
Power: When entering combat as a defender, choose and discard one card at random from your opponents hand.
TIPS: This is where Trunks gets down to his true power this level has an average PUR but a great Power and a great Power Level.
Highest Power Level:1,400,000
Lv 4 Trunks 
Constant Combat Power: During your opponents turn all damage from physical attacks are reduced to 1 power stage of damage.
TIPS: Amazing power, good PUR, great Power Level this guy's great that is if you can get him to level 4.
Highest Power Level:1,550,000
Lv 2 Trunks HT
Constant Combat Power: Reduces opponents anger 1 level every time he preforms a successful energy attack on you.
TIPS: Prefrance is the choice if you're not that well armed against an energy deck use this guy if are the use other lv 2 this ones all about what kind of deck you have.
Highest Power Level: 1,150,000                                                                                           by Roy Varney
By Roy Varney