#10 Gohan Anger Drill
For only 1 physical attack and 1 energy attack, you can raise your anger 1
level, once per combat. If you want to win by a Most Powerful Personality
Victory and can use each type of attack in each combat, you'll find that
winning the game will be much easier.

#9 Frieza's Influencing Drill
Lower your opponent's anger 1 level with each energy attack. If your deck is
an energy attack based deck, you can easily stall your opponent from winning
a M.PP.V.

#8 The Plan
All opponents must discard all their allies in play. Great against decks that
that can get out a bunch of allies during the game. See your opponents face
when you discard all of their allies.

#7 Time Is a Warrior's Tool
Stop all of your opponent's attack in this combat. With cards that let you
look at your opponent's hand, you can stop a huge attack coming your way, if
you use it at just the right time. Use to stall and win!

#6 The Talking Ends Here
Stops your opponent from winning until the end of your next turn. You can
stop your opponent from winning for three combat rounds! By that time, you
could stop your opponent from winning, and you can win the game yourself!

#5 This Too Shall Pass
Stops the effect of any non-dragon ball card and remove it from the game.
This card can stop any card other than dragon balls, and you can use it at
any time! Stop an attack, or even cards like Kami Fades! Great for any deck!

#4 Krillin's Concentration
Search your life deck for 1 combat card and put it into your hand. Any combat
card? Yep! Get out huge energy or physical attack, and make your opponent cry
for their mommy.

#3 Black Energy Stamina Drill
Costs 1 power stage to perform an energy attack. Only 1 power stage to make
an energy attack! And since it's a drill, you can keep it in play until you
go up a personality level, and it can be used as many times as you want in
combat. Great for energy attack decks.

#2 Kami As Your Ally
Opponents search their life decks and discard piles for all copies of Kami
Fades and remove them from the game. If your playing a dragon ball deck, this
can be a lifesaver. Kami Fades removes dragon balls from the game, but Kami
As Your Ally removes that card from the game. Now you can easily win with
dragon balls!

#1 Kami Fades
Remove all dragon balls from the game. Stop those dragon ball victories with
this baby! Since you can't get cards back that have been removed from the
game, this card guarantees your opponent can't win a dragon ball victory!
Just make sure you aren't playing dragon balls.

Well, that's my Top 10 Frieza Saga Cards list. I hope you liked the list.
Send any comments to Bua29614@aol.com