top ten Andriod saga cards
          #1 Goku's heart disease
           Explination: Tired of those pesky anger deck well here is a cure this card lowers your opponents anger to 0 and he can't raise it until he place  an ally into play.
          #2  Unexpected company
          Explination: Great card for pulling out those allies 2 allies at a time plus it's a non-combat card amazing.
         #3  Trunks Gaurdian Drill
         This card will give your opponent a shock when he's not expecting anything the only problem is that it replaces you're attack.
         #4  Lv 1 Piccolo the trained
         With ability to shut down personality powers you know this card had to go on the top ten.
         #5 Rebellion
         An amazing card this attack does +8 power stages of damage but the downsidew is that it has to be your first attack in combat and you remove it after its use.
        #6  Severe Bruises
        This card is sort of a degraded version of Goku's heart disease because your angry opponent only has to place a drill into play to get rid of it.
       #7 Senzu Effect 
      A great card if you and your allies are low on power the downside is that its limit 1 per deck remove frome game after use.
      #8 Andriod Attack Drill 
      Every attack does +1 life card!!! Andriod named Cards do +2 life cards!!! I be seeing this one in alot of survival decks.
      #9 Bulma's Looking Good 
     A Non-combat that discards a card at random from your opponents hand I don't mind if I do.Sweet!!!
     #10 Hyperbolic time chamber
     All phyical attacks do +1 power stage all energy attacks do +1 life card cool. But the downside is that you're opponent can use the power too.