Krillin from the Trunks Saga
Lv 1 Krillin
#154  Rare
PUR: 3
Power: Energy Attack. Lower your opponents anger 1 level. Raise your anger 1 level.
Tips: Amazing for energy decks exept for his awful power level.
Highest Power Level: 100,000
Lv 2 Krillin Enraged
#155 Rare
PUR: 4
Power: Destructo-Disc Energy Attack doing 5 life cards
Tips: Great for energy decks best used with the black or orange mastery.
Highest Power Level: 250,000
Lv 3 Krillin the Warrior
#156 Rare
PUR: 5
Power: Physical Attack. When  determining damage for this attack, treat Krillin as if he were at 350,000
Highest Power Level 350,000