Warren Anderson
My Top Ten AS Cards:
1. The Hero is Down
    Probably the best card for any Villian Deck of ANY type.  This card can truely is the best for handeling all sorts of decks.  You can use it to add fuel to your phsyical attacks, cut down on your energy damage, steal dragonballs easier, or stop anger decks from using the big anger raisers like Ginyu's Energy Attack.  It works great on any deck.  To bad it's a UR, though.
2. Cell's Threatening Position
    Definately one of the best anger counters out there.  Not much to say.
3. Black Searching Technique
    This card can really hurt.  Use it simply to search for the cards that you think will hurt you a lot and toss them aside.  Not only that, you get to look at there deck and know what's coming.  A must for any black deck.
4. Saiyan Inspection
    Powers hurting you?  Gohan slapping you with +4 stages each turn?  Well kiss it goodbye!
5. Android 18's Stare Down
    This beats all of the other cards like it for sure.  Not only do you get to pick which one they have to discard, not only do you see there hand, it's not a noncombat.  THis beats Confrontation in every category.  Add it to ANY  villian deck.
6. Krillin's Search
    If you can manage to get your hands on these, pick up as many as you can.  Slide these into all your decks.  Having the chance to draw 2 cards is incredible.  Great with anger, survival, and sometimes dragonball.  Add it to all of your decks!
7. Defenseless Beach
    This is probably one of the better battlegrounds. Great with ally decks and brutal with physical beatdown decks.  They won't be able to recover.  And you can use this on tons of decks and they won't have a pur!
8. Straining Jump Kick Move
    When you look at this card you say, 6 anger that sucks!  But think of what you can do with it!  Having them gaining a level can change the game.  Most advanced decks build their decks around powers right?  Well they won't be able to use there good power anymore.  Trunks HT, Piccolo, the Trained, Vinegar HT,Nail, King Cold, and many others will fall to this card.  Even there drills are gone.  Add this to all of your decks!
9. The Eyes Have It
    If your having trouble against DB decks.  Will pick up some of these.  Fades aren't as good as they used to be, and this works well against either.  And can't be removed by the Guru and Kami allys.  It also lets you play EDB3 and EDB5 before they do!
10. Goku's Dashing Punch
    I know this card is VERY hard to get.  But is one of the best physical attacks/anger counters out there.  Pick this one up and add it to all your beatdown decks.  It's much better than Rebellion, Garlic's Kyokia Technique, and GBR.  And it can deal life cards, unlike GBR!
Thanks for looking!