Hi!  I'm Dark Master Psycho and I found possibly one of the greatest anger denial combos in the world.  Play Kami Fades and Guru Fades to eliminate all DBs.  Then play a Goku's Heart Disease on the opponent.  Goodbye personality victory!  Want to shut down the opponent even more?  Then there is a Villain combo that can kill.  Remember how Piccolo and Vegeta get to pick Hero or Villain?  Well look at this-Cell's Threatening Position.  It locks the personality down to an inescapable Level 1!  Now that the personality level is at the lowest point, let's totally turn off the personality and make a clear Main Personality Lock- Piccolo the Trained!  Declare Villain, and sure as rain, you can make it so the opponent can't A.) raise anger which B.) Keeps them at Level 1 and also C.) Doesn't let them use a personality power.  If you know a card that keeps ! th! em from gaining power stages, which I don't, add it!  It's harsh, it's an anger demolisher, it's just plain bad, heck, it's a TOTAL LOCK DOWN!
                                                                                                DARK MASTER PSYCHO