Allright, I know many of you guys hate straining move cards.  Except Jump Kick and Energy Move of course.  But if you can pull of this hard hitting combo, you'll think twice about straining move card.
Ok, to start it off, you need to use the Black Mastery.  Next you need to add 3 Black Energy Stamina Drills, and don't attempt doing this until you have it in play.  3 Trunks Effortless Drill and hope you can pull one of those also.  Next slip in some damage incresor drills like Android Attack Drill and Krillin's Drill.  Toss in Frieza as your MP.  Then for the whole point of the combo use Straining Blocking Move.
Energy Attack doing 1-7 life cards of damage.  Costs 1-7 life cards(same number as number previously chosen.)
Ok you got the drills, the mastery, and frieza as mp.  You play blocking move and choose 7, converted to 1 power stage, and then you slap them for atleaet 9 life cards and 2 power stages!!!!  You can even add more cards to increase damage.  And with all of blacks other attacks you can make an easy win.