Here are my personal opinion on top ten Trunks Saga Cards:

#1:  Villain's True Power
Reason:  This card hit my number 1 on the list.  Its and awesome attack, an
energy attack doing 10 life cards of damage!  The only two downsides are it
has to be your first attack played in combat and it is Villains Only.  But
anyone who has this card will include it in any villain deck!

#2:  Chaiotzu's Psychic Halt
Reason:  This is also an awesome card that belongs in EVERY deck.  It is like
Time Is A Warrior's Tool from the Frieza Saga in a way.  But even if it is
Limit 1 per deck and has to be removed from the game after use, guess what? 
Your opponent may ONLY defend for the remainder of combat!  This means they
may not perform any attacks, may not use non-combat cards unless they are
defenses (Piccolo's Flight for example) and they cant even use their mastery!
 This renders your opponent helpless!

#3:  Frieza Is Ready
Reason:  This is a must-have in EVERY villain deck.  This card definitley
makes your opponent think about hitting you with a heavy attack because they
will be taking twice as many life cards!  It is Limit 1 per deck, but you can
always recover it because you do not have to remove it from the game after
use!  The one and only downside is it is Villains Only.

#4:  Namek Dragon Ball 3
Reason:  This card belongs in any deck really.  It allows you to recover the
bottom 3 cards from your discard pile and place them into your hand!  This
nearly doubles your hand! 

#5:  Vegeta Scans the City
Reason:  This is a card that belongs in any anti-anger deck.  The best part
about it is you can stop a Main personality victory with this!  It lowers
your opponent's main personality level by 1 level.  The new Cell's
Threatening Position may overpower this card there but that is Combat card
and it can be stopped by Trunks Energy Sphere and it cannot be used to stop a
Main personality victory like this one, and plus this is a non-combat so
these effects cannot be stopped!  The only downside it is Limit 1 per deck
and it is removed from the game after use.

#6:  Black Style Mastery
Reason:  The ultimate survival mastery.  It does +1 power stage and +1 life
card of damage and does +2 power stages and +2 life cards of damage with all
black style attacks!  Need I say more?

#7:  Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast
Reason:  Is your opponent stopping a lot of your attacks due to a defense
shield?  This is the perfect card to use in that case.  It is an unstoppable
energy attack and it also cannot be prevented so your opponent takes damage
no matter what.  It also takes out your opponent's defense shields so they
cannot block any attacks with it for the remainder of combat.  Use this with
the Black Style Mastery and you also no matter what steal an opponent's
dragon ball!

#8:  Namekian Style Mastery
Reason:  People always say that Namekian decks are not good to build because
they are weak.  Think again, first off this card allows you to draw the
bottom card from your discard pile into your hand, if it is Namekian Style,
you get to power up to full!  This card works great in both Namekian Physical
and Energy decks.  Since the Android Saga came out, there are many new more
powerful Namekian Style cards, so make a deck with a lot of Namekian Style
cards and you will go to full power stages almost every turn!  Plus it gives
you an additional card in your hand which may be an attack!

#9:  Black Energy Web
Reason:  Battling a deck with many energy attacks that keep pounding you? 
Have this in your deck!  It is an energy attack doing 6 life cards of damage!
 If successful it stops your opponent from performing energy attacks for the
remainder of combat!  This card can easily mess energy decks u and give you
the upper hand over them.  This is a must-have in any black-style deck.

#10:  Where There's Life There's Hope
Reason:  An excellent card to battle any deck.  This stops your opponent from
winning by Main Personality, Dragon Ball or even Survival victories!  It's an
ultra-rare so not many people will have this card, but people who do can
battle any deck with this and be a true challenge!

My #1 personality card:

Level-3 Frieza, the Cyborg
Reason:  First off his power levels are very high.  Second, his Constant
Combat Power.  He does +2 power stages and +2 life cards of damage with EVERY
attack!  Combine this with the black style mastery and you will be doing +4
power stages and +4 life cards of damage with all black style attacks!  Just
a normal black style energy attack will do a whopping 8 life cards and 4
power stages of damage!

That's my Trunks Saga top ten list and my Number 1 personality card from the
Trunks Saga.