The Objective of this deck is to shut my opponent out of life cards, while i
am getting stronger in life deck/anger prespective. And i have alot of Non
Combat cards that say Power Up to Highest Power Level because of my main
Peronsalitys Low Power Up Rating [PUR] I have played this deck i think 4
games and i go undefeated. And what ever you do, do not make fun of my main
personality [some onfortunate teen did and felt the wrath of me!!!]

Jeice Lvl. 1
Jeice With Style Lvl. 2
Jeice Attacks Lvl. 3
Captain Ginyu Lvl. 1
Dodoria Lvl. 1
Raditz Lvl. 1
Frieza Lvl. 1
Non-Combt Cards:
Friezas Powering Rage
Red Impolsion Drill
King Colds End
Orange Led Drill
Broken Scouter
Piccolos Honor Duel
Power Up!
Power Up!
Power Up!
Burters Power Stance
Attack Cards [Energy, Combat and Physical Combat Cards that Attack ect.]
Gokus Sudden Outburst
Spice Prepares an Energy Blast
Orange Energy Blast
Red Energy Disk Blasting
Orange Energy Blast
Dodorias Energy Attack
Jeice Comet Attack
Reccome Boom
Black Front Kick
Captain Ginyus Energy Attack
Just Kidding
Friezas Finger Tip Energy Blast
Black Fore Fist Punch
Sayin Energy Throw [VILLIANS Gokus, and Gohan only]
Vegetas Jolting Slash
Good Advice
Red Kienzan Disk
Black Fore Fist Punch
Trunks Swrod Position 3
Red Energy Blast
Black Front Kick
Garlic Jrs. Kyokaika Tech.
Defense Cards [You Get the Picture]
Gokus Energy Blast
Tiens Energy Defense
Red Side Kick
Time is a Warriors Tool
Gohans Energy Defense
Red Side Kick
Tiens Energy Defense
Orange Neck Restraints
Orange Neck restraints
Straining Energy Defense Move
Straing Rolling Escape Move
Straining Fake Left Move
Blue Big Whirl Throw
Straining Rolling Escape Move
Black Rear Spin Kick
Black Axe Heel Kick
Red Side Kick
Straining Ankle Smash Move
Black Axe Heel Kick
Nappas Energy Aura
Black Axe Heel Kick
Black Rear Spin Kick

This deck is good or beginners who are looking for success!!! :) Since it was
my first deck, i think i should know, anyway this 1st deck of mine has done
me alot of good thanks for your time - Scott [aka] DBZFreak