From: Andrew Vogel []
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2005 3:37 AM

Subject: old school android 18 orange deck

Orange #18

Main personality: VILLIAN!
Android 18 (CS)
Android 18, the Model (CS)
Android 18, the Machine (CS)
Android 18 lv 4 (CS)

Orange style mastery (TS)
West Kia Sensei (WGS)

1x Friezas influencing drill (FS)
2x Orange aura drill (AS)
2x Orange burning aura drill (CGS)
1x Orange lifting drill (SS)
1x Orange energy dan drill (TS)
2x Android 20 absorbing drill (TS preview 1)
1x Orange steady drill (WGS)
1x Orange haulting drill (CS)
1x Eyes of the dragon (SS)
2x Orange powere stance (WGS)
3x Android 20 is caught off gaurd (AS)
1x Frieza is ready (TS)
1x The truck (WGS)
1x Power up the most (SS)

2xGravity Chamber (AS)

3x Trunks energy sphere (TS)
1x Time is a warriors tool (FS)
1x Cells threatening position (CS)
2x Brothers in training (WGS preview 5)
1x Android 17 smirks (AS)
1x Gokus dragonball quest (CGS)
2x Smokescreen (CS)

Energy Combat: (mostly attacks)
3x Orange resistance (TS)
3x Orange focused blast (CS)
3x Orange kamehemeha attack (FS)
2x Orange united srtike (CGS)
1x The luck of trunks (FS preview 5)
1x Good advice (FS preview 4)
3x Power boost (CGS)
2x Orange city desruction (CS)
3x Orange energy setup (CGS)
3x Orange energy discharge (CS)
2x Krillins heat seeking blast (TS)
1x Nappas energy aura (SS)

Physical Combat: (all blocking)
1x Vegetas physical stance (SS)
1x Orange fist detonation (FS)
2x Orange holding after takedown (SS)
2x Orange deflection (CS)
2x Orange palm block (WGS)
2x Orange fist catch

Dragonballs: (dende)

Basicly the first thing you notice is that there are no physical attacks and there arnt any cards that raise your anger... well in this deck you want to stay at level 1 through the whole game. Android 18s power is amazing and if you play her as a villian you can play powerful cards such as Frieza is ready and another advantage to not leveling up is you get to keep your drills :) This is a beatdown, do as much damage as you can, deck with nothing but energy attacks. Use the gravity chamber for all physical attacks to cost +2 stages. Use the Gokus dragonball quest and eyes of the dragon to get dragonballs 5 and 3 whenever you need them. Use the brothers in training to get out your drills that you need like Orange aura drill which will add +2 life cards to your energy attacks and the add the power boost to add another +2 and use your mastery aswell for another +1, thats +5 life cards off the bat... with good advice thats 13 life cards of damage. Use all the anger lowering cards as much as you can against anger decks. Use the Friezas influencing drill to keep down the anger with each energy attack and use Cells threatening position when there about to level up to win just to piss them off :) Use Android 20 caught off gaurd and power up the most to get back those cards that you lost. Trunks energy sphere... well thats just selfexplained when you're facing Time is a warriors tool or any combat stopping card like sayian truce or blue leaving. Use Android 17 smirks and the truck to get rid of your opponents drills that are really pissing you of and you can also use your sensei to get rid of 2 non-combat cards once per game. In this deck you want to get your drills out as fast as you can and then just lay on the life cards... if all else fails... you got frieza is ready... charish it and dont let it get removed from the game. The only decks ive lost to with this deck is dragonball decks... NOT PREFERABLE TO USE AGAINST DRAGONBALL DECKS!

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