From: Robert Shipp []
Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2005 4:03 PM

Subject: Vegeta Orange Beatdown Deck

Main Personality
Vegeta, the Powerful (CS)
Vegeta, the All Powerful (CS)
Vegeta, the Last Prince (CS)
Trunk Saga Orange
1x Vegeta's Quickness Drill (SS)
2x Orange Aura Drill (AS)
1x Orange Haulting Drill (CS)
1x Orange Off-Balancing Drill (SS)
1x Orange Focusing Drill (SS)
1x Orange Special Beam Cannon Drill (TS)
1x Broken Scouter (SS)
1x Expectant Trunks (TS)
1x Trunk Prepares (CS)
1x Severe Bruises (AS)
1x Vegeta Scans the City (TS)
1x Gokus Heart Disease (AS)
1x Earth Dragon Ball 5 (SS)
Krillin, the Friend (CS)
Energy Combats
1x Orange Energy Focus (CS)
3x Orange Strike (CS)
1x Orange Gokus Kamehameha (CS)
3x Orange Energy Blast (TS)
3x Orange Energy Discharge (CS)
1x Orange Power Blast (CS)
3x Orange Focused Blast (CS)
2x Orange Planet Destruction (FS)
2x Orange Kamehemeha Attack (FS)
1x Good Advice (FS Promo Card)
2x Krillin's Solar Flare (CS)
2x Frieza's Finger Tip Energy Blast (TS)
1x Tien's Tri-Beam
3x Orange Energy Deflectoin (CS)
3x Orange Neck Restraints (SS)
1x Orange Resistance (TS)
Physical Combats
1x Orange Agressive Technique (CGS)
2x Orange Searching Manuever (AS)
2x Orange Uppercut (AS)
1x Hidden Power Level (SS)
2x Orange Fist Detonation (FS)
3x Orange Holding After Takedown (SS)
2x Orange Deflection (CS)
3x Orange Sidestep (CS)
1x Vegeta's Physical Stance (SS)
2x Vegeta's Surpirse Defense (SS)
3x Smokescreen (CS)
1x Mother's Touch (SS)
1x Time Is A Warrior's Tool (FS)
The Srategy of this deck is to beatdown ur opponent's life deck using energy attacks. The couple of physical attacks help get u drills or increase number of life cards for remainder of combat. Non-combats help Power you up to full or are drill cards. Most of the Physical ones are blocking to keep ur power up. Orange Haulting Drill makes it where u can only take up to 3 power stages of damage from physical attacks, so any that do a lot with this drill in play only hurt u 3 if u can't block it. Some of the Non-Combats help block against anger decks. Any comments or suggestion please e-mail me at ill appreciatte any and all comments. Thank You.
Brought to u by: Robert Shipp