Category: Action
Players: 2 players simultaneous
Release Date: Mar 2005

Memory Blocks: 3
Publisher: Atari

The fighting takes on a whole new look in Dragon Ball Z: Sagas. For the first time, the franchise expands from fighting, adding a story mode.


Recreate the most exciting elements of the Saiyan-Cell Games sagas and experience all-new elements from the show that have never been seen before in Dragon Ball Z: Sagas. It is a journey worthy of a Saiyan.

Most Dragon Ball Z games have focused on the epic fights, but Sagas takes the franchise a bit further. Now your character travels through a destructible DBZ setting on his way to the boss battle. Your character, which changes from story to story, takes on enemies head-on using classic DBZ hand-to-hand and Ki attacks.

There's all kinds of power and Ki capsules and Z coins to collect in each story. Collect 10 each of the power and Ki capsules to upgrade your character's stamina and Ki meter. With the Z coins, players add various attacks to their character's arsenal. You can buy six upgrades each for combo, melee and Ki attacks.

Some of these upgrades are out in the open, others you discover by destroying elements of the environment. Rocks, plants and trees can't stand up to your Ki attack. Some yield Dragon Balls in addition to capsules. Other upgrades hover in the air. You'll need to use your flying ability to snag those. At the end of each story, the game shows you statistics of how many items there were compared to how many you collected.

Not only has Dragon Ball Z: Sagas changed the franchise from fighting-only to fighting and action, the game makers went all out and included a cooperative mode. After wiping out the enemies and collecting capsules, coins and Dragon Balls, you and your partner will square off against the boss from the story.

In each story of Sagas, you'll unlock various cut-scenes from TV series. You can then view the cut-scene in the Extras section whenever you wish.

Although it's interesting to see Goku and his allies get into some action, the design of each story is quite repetitive. You jump up on a couple things, you break some rocks, you fight some baddies and you take on a boss. That's about it. We've seen more variety in a thumbtack collection. In addition, you can't change the camera angle to look to your side or behind you.

Bottom Line

The action element is an interesting addition to the traditional Dragon Ball Z game, even if it gets monotonous. But fighting through the Sagas and the bonus video-clips make this a great game for Z-heads.



Wow, this game is fun. I sadly had to rent it first, since I don’t have enough money, but I’m going to be getting it soon. But from what I played, it’s really good. It’s good on any system, but I prefer it for Xbox, I think it has better graphics, but it’s also as good for the PS2 and GameCube.


Now on to the ratings…


Atari: 9.5/10

Nintendo: 9/10

Sony: 9/10

Microsoft: 9.5/10 ß (See what I mean J)


Now on to what people said… “Beautiful. For the first DBZ game that you can move around in, Atari did a great job.”

Nintendo Magazine: “Great. Atari made it better for the big screen then the GBA.”

Xbox Magazine: “I think our first DBZ game was a complete success.’

Sony Magazine: “We always sponsored the best DBZ games, always will.”


Well, I hope I made you want to get this game. It’s REALLY fun.


Now onto something new…

I’m going to start putting trivia questions in my articles. Here is today’s:


In DRAGONBALL, what is the name that Goku gave the Android he found?


Email your answer to

Include you first and last name.


If you get it right, I will put your name in my next article.


Later all.