From: Robert Shipp []
Sent: Friday, June 24, 2005 12:24 PM

Subject: Cell Orange Beatdown Deck by Robert Shipp

Main Personality
Cell, Stage One (CS)
Cell, Stage Two (CS)
Cell, Perfect (CS)
Trunk Saga Orange
2x Orange Aura Drill (AS)
1x Orange Focusing Drill (SS)
1x Orange Haulting Drill (CS)
1x Orange Special Beam Cannon Drill (TS)
1x Orange Off-Balancing Drill (SS)
1x Vegeta's Quickness Drill (SS)
1x Expectant Trunks (TS)
1x Trunks Prepares (CS)
1x Frieza is Ready (TS)
1x Broken Scouter (SS)
1x Vegeta Scans the City (TS)
1x Goku's Heart Disease (AS)
1x Severe Bruises (AS)
1x Earth Dragon Ball 5 (SS)
Vegeta, the Powerful
2x Frieza Smiles (FS)
2x Vegeta's Surprise Defense (SS)
1x Mother's Touch (SS)
1x Time Is A Warrior's Tool (FS)
3x Smokescreen (CS)
Energy Combats
3x Orange Focused Blast (CS)
3x Orange Strike (CS)
3x Orange Energy Discharge (CS)
2x Orange Kamehemeha Attack (FS)
1x Orange Goku's Kamehemeha (CS)
1x Orange City Destruction (CS)
2x Frieza's Finger Tip Energy Blast (TS)
3x Vegeta's Jolting Slash (FS)
2x Krillins Solar Flare (CS)
1x Good Advice (FS)
1x Android 19's Energy Blast (AS)
2x Tien's Tri Beam (CS)
2x Orange Thumbs Up (FS)
1x Orange Neck Restraints (SS)
1x Orange Resistance (TS)
1x Nappa's Energy Aura (SS)
Physical Combats
1x Orange Aggressive Technique (CGS)
2x Orange Searching Manuever (AS)
2x Orange Uppercut (AS)
3x Tien's Physical Attack (SS)
1x Hidden Power Level (SS)
3x Orange Holding After Takedown (SS)
2x Orange Deflection (CS)
1x Orange Fist Detonation (FS)
1x Vegeta's Physical Stance (SS)
1x Nappa's Physical Resistance (SS)
The Strategy of this Deck is to annilate ur opponets deck as quickly as possible but defend against strong physical attacks which is why most of my physical combats are defensive. The non-combats are to keep ur power level up and the drills are to try and block most physical combats and to improve ur energy attacks.