Before buying into a currency, do some research for yourself and don’t just buy a coin based on hype.  Understanding the technology of the currency and what problem it solves is important, but it is also crucial to gauge whether you believe the team is capable of delivering on their promises.  Because, let’s be honest, any team can make a great-looking web page with ideas that sound excellent, but it’s the execution that matters.  These are the criteria I generally look for.

White papers – These reports explain the currency in far more detail than the front page of their website.

Presentation – Judging by the name the currency and aesthetic of their website/advertising, do you think businesses in the future would want to associate themselves with that team?

Backing – While not mandatory, it is a big positive if a major company is funding it or a prominent person in the crypto/tech world is endorsing it.

Software – Has the company released software for managing the currency on mobile and desktop platforms.  How is it?

Personal Info – What are their names?  What are their REAL names?  Find them on Linked In.  Make sure the Facebook page of the CEO doesn’t feature them at a party with the infamous red cup.

Social Media – Does this company have Facebook and Twitter pages?  Do they respond to messages and communicate with people frequently?

Credentials – What is the education, experience and professional background of the team members?  I feel that someone with a lot of credentials is less likely to want to associate themselves with a pump-and-dump operation.