July 7, 2003 - by CHRISBO

Last week there was no chat due to the Origins convention, and there will be no chats during the weeks of San Diego ComicCon and GenCon-Indianapolis. So next week will be the very last WOTC Pokemon Chat; we're still waiting to hear from Nintendo about their weekly chat plans, but if/when they start I'll be there reporting for ya. Meanwhile, in addition to the normal Convention updates/reports, MT_Mike mentioned the tentatively-titled "Ambassador Program", coming soon for the remaining non-Pokemon WOTC-brand products.



master_trainer_mike says, "Welcome to the second to last EVER Wizards of the Coast Pokemon Chat." master_trainer_mike says, "Yup, you heard right, next week will be our last Pokemon chat ever." master_trainer_mike says, "(sniff sniff)" master_trainer_mike says, "So many memories...." master_trainer_mike says, "Seems like yesterday that we all chose our favorite Pokemon." master_trainer_mike says, "Weedle rules!" master_trainer_mike says, "All those hours of answering rules questions." master_trainer_mike says, "Donut wars" master_trainer_mike says, "Catch Phrases (MINTY FRESH!)" master_trainer_mike says, "singing (OH MICKEY YOU'RE SO FINE!)" master_trainer_mike says, "Man, you guys have let me get away with ALL sorts of silliness!" master_trainer_mike smiles. master_trainer_mike says, "SD_Pokemom reminded me of the bad songs we've done (Oingo Boingo Weedle!)" master_trainer_mike says, "Hard to believe we've been doing this almost 3 1/2 years for the chat!" master_trainer_mike says, "Even harder to believe that some of you have stuck with us the whole time." master_trainer_mike says, "For THAT we thank you :)"

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #6 from marril2000: [sigh] I remember those days too mike, you with round frames on the glasses, shorter hair... we where shorter too :( master_trainer_mike says, "hee hee" master_trainer_mike says, "Man, it was weird seeing how tall some of you have gotten! I know my hairline is shrinking but it felt like I was getting shorter too :)"

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #46 from soslowpoke: Will we have all 3 of you here next week? master_trainer_mike says, "I'll ask DMTM to make an appearance."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #50 from marril2000: what about dark master steve? we can't do a final show minus him (gss!) master_trainer_pat says, "Here he is... He says 'Hi'. He will see you all at Gen Con'" master_trainer_mike says, "We'll let him out of the box this one last time."


master_trainer_mike says, "I was glad to see many of you at the Origins convention as well. More players than ever came for side events. Successful Team Multiplay. 64 Professors in the Professor Championship!" master_trainer_pat says, "Hi everybody. Sorry I missed going to Origins...I'm looking forward to San Diego though." master_trainer_mike says, "Right! Come to San Diego Comic Con so you can say goodbye to Pat as well! Lots more fun and prizes to come in our final events. More prize support heading out the door to the UK, Belgium FAT, and the Italian FAT too! Everything must go!"

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #20 from marril2000: mike, by any chance will we be seeing the league results [from Origins] posted online? I had fun entering scores in :D master_trainer_mike says, "I will try and get them on the boards next week."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #17 from soslowpoke: What shall you be needing assistance with at GenCon, MTM? (think I may have e-mailed you asking this too..srry) master_trainer_mike says, "You can check with us to see if we need help with the League. Or check with Mike Guptil (the TO) at the event if he needs any judges for any events."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #25 from
what type of help will you need at San Diego Comic Con, mtm? do we just come see you to volunteer? master_trainer_mike says, "Same deal guys. There is NO set program for volunteering. I will be posting to the Prof list about some of that this afternoon. Otherwise, just find us and see if we need any help."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #57 from soslowpoke: What's to come in this "Wizards Thank You Gift Set" at the FAT at GenCon? master_trainer_mike says, "Samples of other games, leftover Pokemon swag and so on; an economy size tube of Colgate (just kiddin' about the Colgate); oh yeah, breath mints would be good too.......... and the mints." master_trainer_mike grins evilly. master_trainer_pat says, "Minty Fresh"

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #65 from soslowpoke: You may wanna rethink that Colgate thing, some people could use it =P (remembers GenCon and worlds last year) master_trainer_mike says, "You said it! Not us!"

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #62 from yoshi1001: You need help, Mike. Anywho, anything special at GenCon that we haven't been told yet? master_trainer_mike says, "I am pondering making a fool of myself for you all, one last time........"

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #66 from marril2000: hey mike it was fun talking to you at origins, I look forward to the final chat next week and the last 4-ish years have been great... with and with out stampers... maybe a stage dive followed by an imkauni dance :D master_trainer_mike says, "Stage diving at a con! Do you know how hard those darn floors are???"


master_trainer_mike says, "To be serious for just a moment, I wanted to tell you about the upcoming Ambassador program (though it may have a different name). The Professor program was successful enough that other WOTC brands want to copy it." master_trainer_mike says, "I was glad to hear that Nintendo will do a great job with Pokemon, so you have little to worry about there. So for those of you that move over to Nintendo for Pokemon, best of luck! You may see us there from time to time at their events :)" master_trainer_mike says, "For those of you that have any interest in any of our other Brands (Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Major League Baseball, Neo Pets, board games like Risk 2210 or Axis & Allies, miniatures, or other upcoming games, then stay tuned to our web site and the Professor list to hear how we want to reward you for helping us!"

master_trainer_mike says, "Finally, it has been crazy busy here since coming back from Origins. The Master Professor goodies will start shipping on Monday and then I can start on the stuff for ALL Professors. So much sorting to do! Anyone live in the Seattle area? Want to come help sort?" master_trainer_mike smirks.

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #12 from soslowpoke: Still don't wish to tell us what goodies we're getting? ;-) master_trainer_mike says, "As I have said, the MP's are getting old product, energies, and BZ kits so they can continue to support OP in their areas. ALL Professors will be sent whatever goodies I have left :)"

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #28 from soslowpoke: feh....do you think any July kits will be sent out to the master profs that requested bz kits or are they in small quantity for the regular stores? master_trainer_mike says, "The July kits are all sold out. Go to a location that is running them while you can!"

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #21 from
do the Master Professors still need to get 5 points to keep their professorship for the rest of the year? master_trainer_mike says, "No, the Professor program (the WOTC version) will end on August 31, 2003. I have heard that Nintendo will be starting up their own Professor program later this year."