May 16, 2003 - by CHRISBO

The Super Battle Zone kits have been shipped out and should be arriving in plenty of time for next weekend's tournaments.  Master Trainer Mike also confirmed that this will be the last Super Battle Zone sponsored by WOTC, but that regular Battle Zones will continue at least through June and July for certain.  We also got to find out what the three promo cards you get for participating in SBZ are going to be; unfortunately they are not new cards, but they aren't half-bad either.  Finally, it looks like Europe will be getting some prize support for their major tournaments this year as well; there was some doubt for a while, but it looks like the MT's have pulled through for them.



master_trainer_mike says, "The Skyridge Super BatleZone kits were shipped out 2 days ago. Each kit comes with the 3 trophies (1 for each age group), lots of Skyridge product for prizes, and of course the 3 Pokemon cards that each participant will be given. As you know, this event will be taking place on May 24th or 25th at 52 locations around the US and Canada. Check out where your nearest one is on our web site. This will be the final Super BattleZone that Wizards of the Coast will be running. So hope you can make it!"

master_trainer_mike says, "I know several of you have asked me what the 3 cards are so I am now going to tell you. Each participant in this event will be given 1 Cool Porygon (in the cellophane wrapper).  Also each player will be given 1 random card from a set of foils from the Southern Islands set plus the Pichu foil card. Finally for the third card, each participant will be given 1 foil Professor Elm."

master_trainer_mike says, "Oh yeah, in addition to the Sky Ridge Boosters that you can win (or earn working as staff), each kit also comes with copies of the Pre-Release Aerodactyl 1st edition card. The top 16 players will all earn one of these and a few extra copies have been included for the staff."

master_trainer_mike says, "Each kit comes with enough of the promo cards to support 75 players. In the event that there are less than this number of players (which will most likely be the case), then there are extra promo cards for more prize support!"

master_trainer_mike says, "There are also plans being worked out to add to the prize support for the final season of BattleZone AND for special thank you's to be mailed out to players and Professors alike. So even if you can't make any of the bigger events, don't worry, you will not miss out and you will not be forgotten."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #1579 from farbsman:
What Rel level is Super BattleZone? The email you sent to the TO said REL 1, but you said a few weeks ago it was REL 2 on here, which is it?

master_trainer_mike says, "Let's keep it at REL 1 as it is the final event of this sort from us and we don't want to discourage newer players from participating."

master_trainer_pat says, "Sounds good!"

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #1580 from bodragon:
Is a Super BattleZone supposed to be run in age divisions?
master_trainer_mike says, "It is suggested to be run as a single Age Modified tournament."
master_trainer_mike says, "Each TO can decide top break it out if they want but they MUST contact us before the event to get additional sanctioning numbers."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #1582 from lepi1962:
Will there be BZ in June and July?
master_trainer_mike says, "Yes."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #1599 from farbsman:
Since you mentioned the July and June BattleZones, does that mean you have a date for the end of battlezone (league)?
master_trainer_mike says, "Not yet."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #1603 from marril2000:
Mike, pokemon-tcg.com states that Nintendo's product will "feature updated rules, attacks...". If the rules have minor changes like in Japan, which rule book should we enforce at BZ? Nintendo's or Wizard's

master_trainer_mike says, "For our events, use the rules and rulings that we have been using for the last 4 years."


master_trainer_mike says, "Also, some clarification - There are not any specifically scheduled fan appreciation events in Europe. There ARE upcoming Challenge events though that will basically be the same thing plus even more! We are sending over jackets, shirts, foil cards, and foil Professor Elms to support events being held in the UK and by the Belgium office at the end of this month."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #1578 from ukpokemonpro:
Can you confirm the UKs order for prizes support for our Fan Appreciation Tourneys has been received and that the order will be expedited so that we get it in time for our FAT the 14 June ?

master_trainer_mike says, "As I said, we are sending out prize support to the UK and to Belgium."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #1584 from ukpokemonpro:
Mike if you send the UK FAT support at the end of this month that may not be in time to meet our arranged tournament in London I ask again what is being done to expedite the shipment

master_trainer_mike says, "Ben, please stop asking these specific sorts of questions. We are sending over the materials. I have said we are and we are."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #1590 from chrisbo:
Will you be posting any more San Diego ComicCon details soon (i.e. tournament list, prize structure, etc.)?
master_trainer_mike says, "Not until final details are worked out. I can tell you that there will be a large team event and a large fan appreciation event scheduled (one on Friday, one on Saturday). There will be one smaller event scheduled for Thursday and for Sunday and there will be pickup events run as needed."


master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #1591 from trekiev:
if reverse holo elm was professor exclusive, why is it being given out at SBZ and Origins/Gencon?
master_trainer_mike says, "Because when it was created, and a large supply of them were ordered, we thought we would still be in the Pokemon business. Since that is no longer the case, we want to do our best to support ALL players AND Professors with our supplies before we are done and they must all be destroyed. It was exclusive for awhile...from what I understand it was a pretty hot property. Pretty cool that you could say you had one first...isn't it."