October 3, 2002 - by CHRISBO

Sorry folks, another slow week in the news.  BattleZone and Challenge Series schedules are still waiting on budgetary approvals.  But on the bright side, if you were one of the tourney winners at Worlds who won Expedition product, it should be on the way to you real soon.



master_trainer_mike says, "We finally got in our own Expedition product, so those of you that won prizes from the Theme Deck Challenges we held at Pokemon Worlds will have your prizes sent out over the next week. Our apologies that it took this long to get them out but the product sold so well we couldn't get our hands on any!!"


master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #5 from daytongl:
Any new news on BattleZone?
master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #8 from bigchuck001:
Anything on Battlezone and the Gym Challenges?
master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #9 from marril2000:
hey mike, any details on how Professors will be able to order the BattleZone preview to help stores get into the idea yet? i am still having trubble convincing one store to even have a league @_@

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #10 from gym_leader_blaine:
when should we start seeing information on Pokemon BattleZone. I would like to start to get some of the stores in the area pumped up for it

master_trainer_mike says, "Nope. Here's the deal gang. We are currently going through licenser/contract discussions AND our own internal budget process. I'm sorry that we don't have more specific information to give you. The MOMENT we know anything is a sure thing, we will let you know on the boards, through the chat, the Professor list, and the web site. A lot of people are working very hard to clarify contract negotiations and budget issues. Until these things are resolved, nothing can move forward. We have hopes to have answers for you soon.

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #46 from m_p_douglas:
If a mall store does not have room directly in their store for a BattleZone/Game League official program, can they hold it in the food court of the Mall if the Mall Security permits it? (It would still be in a "Retail Location"?)

master_trainer_mike says, "That is up to the individual stores."


master_trainer_pat presents the speaker with question #28 from bodragon:
With the release of the next movie "Celebi: A Timeless Encounter" next week, how many confirmed promo cards are there?
master_trainer_pat says, "One confirmed...it's the Celebi that is pictured on our website"