EX: Ruby and Sapphire Scans
June 17, 2003

Hey all, my good buddy "cattdreams" told me of a local Target store here in California that had blister packs of the new TCG-EX Ruby & Sapphire on sale last Saturday, June 14.  Well, I went down and grabbed a few packs for myself and scanned a boatload of stuff to share with the world.

Initial Observations:
1.> Out of the six packs I bought, three of them contained "EX" pokemon (one Mewtwo-EX, two Hitmonchan-EX) as the plain old Rare, not as the Holo-Rare.  Either I'm really lucky, or perhaps these "EX" pokemon won't be as difficult to find as I thought they were gonna be.

2.> The "EX" Pokemon have holo speckles around the outside edges of the card.  At least now we know why the advertisements for them had a silver border rather than the classic yellow border.

3.> Non-"EX" holos replace one of the commons in the packs containing them (4 Commons + 1 Holo, instead of 5 Commons), just like in other recent releases.  They are not designated with H1 numbers like Skyridge, Aquapolis, etc. which leads me to believe there will not be any non-Holo versions of the same cards in this set.

4.> The wording on Metal & Darkness Energies basically say "Ignore this effect if the Pokemon is not {xxx}".  This brings it in line with the new TCG-Ex rulings that Metal & Darkness now only provide the extra benefits for Pokemon of that type (i.e. no more "Metal Chansey").  Team Compendium's website will have a page devoted to the new TCG-EX rulings in the near future.

5.> I pulled three separate unique versions of Electrike (2 common, 1 uncommon), and two different Poochyenas.  Looks like Mudkip, Torchic, and Treecko aren't the only ones with multiple versions in this set.

6.> I did not think that basic Energy would be included in boosters, but one of my packs actually contained a basic Psychic Energy as one of the commons.  I wonder how that's going to affect booster drafting and sealed play <sigh>.

Here are some scans that Chrisbo did of the packs he got: